Abetta Sublime Super Cushion Trail Saddle 20500


Abetta uses Ralide tree in this particular trail saddle. Ralide is a mold-injected polyethylene.  Polyethylene is a tough, light, flexible synthetic resin. It’s used for making food containers, plastic bags and other kinds of packaging that require durability.

Weight: 17 pounds

Price: $517.95


Is a Molded Tree Good?

What’s great about using a molded tree is that each saddle comes out perfectly. And when you sew the parts on to cover the mold, it fits like a glove – always.

Abetta makes trees to shape many breeds, including draft and gaited horses.

What Materials Are Used?

The outer shell of the Abetta Sublime Super Cushion Trail Saddle 20500 is made with tough, scratch resistant, 1000-denier nylon, which is laminated to shock absorbing Super Cushion Memory Foam for a comfortable seat.

The foam and denier nylon are water resistant.

Special Features

Shock absorbing foam for a comfortable ride. Built on Ralide Tree (which makes it super lightweight), with 7/8 position, leather reinforced half-breed rigging stainless steel hardware.

Weight: 17 pounds

Price: $517.95

Let’s take a look at my next pick for a lightweight Western saddle trail, which is a bit more expensive.

Now keep in mind, just as cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a good fit for you and your horse.

But I think The Cashel Lite Trail Saddle CLT is an exception.


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