Cashel Lite Trail Saddle CLT


If you’re searching for the perfect mix of efficiency and ease, you’ll find it in the Cashel Lite Trail Saddle CLT.   This Lite Trail saddle gives the perfect blend of tactical riding features without breaking yours (or your horse’s) back with excessive weight.


What Materials Are Used?

The trees used at Cashel are wooden and handmade, one by one – not mass produced. The saddles are then carefully dried to avoid warping. Then fiberglass is used to finish the saddle for extra strength to prevent future warping.

As wood is heavier than plastic, that means it’s slightly heavier.

Special Features:

As you know, riding trails vary. If you’re riding over rocky terrain, the rough-out seat jockey and fenders provide extra grip for this sort of advanced trail riding.

And the cantle keeps you locked on the correct, as well as comfortable, riding position.

This light saddle comes with lots of strings for all your trail riding needs. The breast collar and flank strap are included. Cashel exclusively offers a cool skirt padding design as well.

Weight: 19-20 pounds

Price: $1,088.99

Lastly, we have the Circle Y Pioneer Flex2 Trail Saddle 1665, which is chock full of benefits for the horse and the rider (but especially the horse) so I’m super excited about this saddle.


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