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Horse Saddle Reviews

Big Horn Saddle Review – High Quality Durable & Affordable

big horn saddle

To kick off this Big Horn Saddle review, let’s look at what makes Big Horn a high-quality brand and the technology they use.

Their prime philosophy is to create well-fitting saddles at affordable prices. To do this, their saddles are all hand-made.

By combining classic saddle-making techniques with modern technology, Big Horn has been able to revolutionize the horse saddle industry.  They’ve specifically added Flex-trees and Sil-Cush to their line.

In this Big Horn saddle review, I’ll show you specifically how this top-of-the-line horse saddle company incorporates new technology in their saddles to benefit horse and rider comfort.

Big Horn Saddle Review – High-Quality Saddle Trees

Big Horn uses rawhide and bull hide on many of their more expensive saddles,  which is important to know because the most durable saddle trees are covered in rawhide or bull hide.  However, fiberglass is extremely strong and durable.

Big Horn Saddle Review – Flex-Trees = Flexible Saddle

Big Horn also uses Flex-Trees. Made from fiberglass, the flex-trees are built to move with the horse and rider through turns and quick movements while still giving the stability a treeless saddle doesn’t have.

Big Horn Saddle Review – Three-Way Rigging

While not all their models have this, the three-way rigging provides three different ways of girthing up. The position of the rigging largely depends upon the purpose of the saddle. 3-way rigging allows you the option of choosing a full double rig, 7/8 double rig, or 3/4 double rig.

Depending upon your horse’s back or the ground you’ll be riding on, you can girth the saddle a little more forward, back, or center as needed. This increases the surface area of the saddle and makes it easier to tighten up.

Most Big Horn saddles have stainless-steel, brass or bronze D rings and circular rings that won’t rust.

Big Horn Saddle Review – Sil-Cush Line

The Sil-Cush Line is a Big Horn exclusive feature.  No other saddle company has this technology. The saddles in the Sil-Cush line have a silicon cushion along the skirt of the saddle, providing more cushion from pressure points than other saddles will.

It’s breathable and molds to the horse’s back and shoulders.

Big Horn Saddle Review – A Variety of Saddle Models

Big Horn Saddles provide saddles for any discipline. The list is actually too long to go into full detail, but here are a few of the disciplines Big Horn makes saddles for:

Big Horn Saddle Review – Big Horn Barrel Racing Saddle

 Big Horn Saddle Review – Big Horn Roping Saddle

Big Horn Saddle Review

 Big Horn Saddle Review – Big Horn Flex Trail Saddle



Big Horn Saddle Review – Big Horn Endurance Saddle

Big Horn Saddle Review – Big Horn Reining Saddles

Big Horn Saddle Review – High-Quality Synthetic Saddles

Big Horn carries saddles made specifically for Halflingers and gaited horses. Synthetic saddles are a big trend as they’re much lighter than traditional saddles.

Saddles For Hard-to-Fit Horses

Big Horn Saddle Review

Many of these options are also in their Sil-Cush Line. If you’re looking for a saddle for a horse that has a weird back, you can find what you’re looking for in the Sil-Cush Line.

As this Big Horn Saddle Review shows, if you are looking for high-quality,  affordable saddles, then Big Horn may just be your fit.

They’re a reputable company that uses their fifty years of knowledge and experience to make sure the saddle you’re looking at is going to fit the needs of both horse and rider.

How did you enjoy this review?  Did it give you the information you were looking for? If you’re looking to buy a Double J saddle, please read my Double J saddle sale review. I’d love to hear your comments.  Please be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section.


  • lisha42 says:

    @Erica: Thank you.

  • lisha42 says:

    @Maurice Jackson: Thank you for stopping by and commenting. My goal for this site is to help horse riders choose the right saddle.

  • Erica says:

    What a thorough article, I really appreciate this information. I will definitely be directing my horse enthusiast friend to this review.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      @Erica: Thank you!

  • As a laymen to horseback riding, this article and the website in general brings to light the interest and enthusiasm that it’s audience loves. I know all who see an interesting horseback riding with find this website very intriguing.

  • lisha42 says:

    @Paul: Thanks for your comment. Saddle fitting can be difficult because standards are not industry-wide. It doesn’t take a long time, but you definitely need to take your time when picking a saddle.

  • lisha42 says:

    @Travis: Thanks for your inquiry. Well, my recommendation would be based on what riding discipline the new rider is interested in. There’s rodeo events like roping reining, barrel saddle racing. Then there are other riding disciplines like trail and pleasure riding, endurance riding.

    It really depends on what the newbie is interested in doing with their horse. I hope that helps.

  • Travis says:

    I like the big horn saddle. I think its really cool that they are all handmade. The sill-cush line seems that it would be more comfortable for the horse and the rider.
    What saddle would you recommend for new riders?

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      @Travis: Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your question. For a new rider, it really depends on what riding discipline he or she is taking up. But for a beginner, I recommend a trail or pleasure saddle, as these saddles are for regular riding (as opposed to rodeo events). Again, thanks for stopping by.

  • Paul says:

    It’s comforting to know about something that is still hand made. I like that. It’s nice to see a product review from someone who really knows the product so well. I am not a horse enthusiast, that doesn’t mean I dislike them. I do like horses, I have just not gotten involved in that world.
    I once tiled a house where horses were kept and trained. The woman I was working for took care of one of the horses herself. I watched her during lunch one day. It is amazing all the things a horse needs to be healthy and happy. She took care of that horse with joy in her heart.
    It was fun to watch. Her daughter took care of a few of the other horses and was busy all day long.
    It seems you have made a great blog for this niche and one you are already an authority on. Is the fitting process for saddles difficult? Does it take a long time?

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      @Paul: Hi. Thanks for commenting again. It’s always a pleasure watching people who love taking care of their horse. I wouldn’t say the fitting process is difficult and long. But it is something that should be taken with great care. The process is better if you take the horse to a reputable saddlery. Also, ask a horse vet who specializes in horses’ backs for recommendations on saddles. The vet would definitely be knowledgeable.

  • lisha42 says:

    @Jenny: Yes, there are flexible saddles. We’ve come along way in terms of saddle technology. Thank you for your comment.

  • lisha42 says:

    @David: Thank you for commenting. Yes, I’d love it if you’d direct your friend to this site.

  • lisha42 says:

    Hi Alison: Wow. English saddle riding. That sounds like fun. I’ll be writing about English saddles as well. Thank you for your comment.

  • lisha42 says:

    @Vicki: Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you found the article helpful.

  • Jenny says:

    Great article!
    I do prefer high-quality saddles as they tend to last longer. I didn’t know there were flexible saddles! They seem pretty well-fitting so maybe I’ll try them out.
    Thanks for the info! Wonderful job!

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      @Jenny: Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Yes, there are such things as “flex saddles”. The term “flexible” is also relative.

  • David says:

    Wow what an awesome site I have a friend who rides and will be directing her to your site she is in the process of finding a new saddle. Thank you so much.

  • Alison says:

    WOW cool site! I used to do 3 Day Eventing which is an intense style of Eastern style Olympic riding.
    Nice to see some other riding enthusiasts and great blog!

  • What a great website

    So many amazing saddles- I love Western Riding and will go take a look at some of these saddles
    Thank you

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      @Vicky Crawford: Thanks for commenting. It’s my pleasure to provide quality information to help riders select the best saddle for their horse.

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