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Double J Barrel Saddle Sale – Strong and Stable Saddles

Every barrel racer gets excited at hearing about a Double J barrel saddle sale. Why? For starters, Double J barrel saddles are gorgeous, sturdy – and very expensive. So a Double J barrel saddle sale is always highly anticipated. In this post, I’ll show you a few select Double J barrel saddles that are on sale and so worth buying.

Double J Barrel Saddle Sale – What’s in a Good Saddle?

Every experienced horse rider, no matter what style they practice, knows that the difference between a successful ride and a terrible ride is a good saddle. The function of the chosen saddle is the main thing that every great horse rider needs to know.

Go to any equestrian event and the brand name “Double J” is sure to surface numerous times, and for a good reason too! The Double J saddlery company is one of the best barrel saddle-making companies in today’s day and age. This is because Double J takes the most in-depth attention to every product that they make.

But, before I show you a preview of the Double J Barrel Saddle sale that’s happening, I want to talk to you a little bit about the service, design and materials the Double J uses in its saddles.

Double J Barrel Saddle Sale – Saddle Trade-In Program

Think back to when you were just starting to ride. You probably had little to no clue on what to do, what to buy, or how to ride. This is where Double J stands out. Customers of Double J barrel saddles have given them dazzling reviews due to their quality customer service.

One of the resources that Double J provides is a “Saddle Trade-In Program”.

In this program, riders who have an existing Double J saddle, of any style, who wants to buy a new one can return their old saddle to the Double J company and use the money that they receive to put it towards the purchase of a new saddle from the Double J company.

Remember, saddles are expensive so any financial help can go a long way. Another resource that Double J offers is the “Try Before You Buy Program”. In this program, riders in the United States are allowed to receive a demo saddle, of any style, and try it for 3 to 5 days and then decide if it’s the right one for them.

Double J Barrel Saddle Sale – Does Your Saddle Fit Well?

Nothing is worse than realizing you have bought a saddle that doesn’t fit you, or your horse’s, needs. Therefore, it is crucial that you get the best saddle possible, and the only way to make sure of this is to give it a try.

Double J Barrel Saddle Sale – Great Saddle Design

A great barrel saddle needs to reflect the rider who uses it. Horse riding is a deeply personal activity and every rider has their fantastic flair. Your barrel saddle is yours and your barrel saddle should tell the world who you are.

This isn’t an issue when purchasing a Double J barrel saddle. Each barrel saddle that is made by the skilled craftsmen at Double J has a personal touch to it.

The craftsmen at Double J believe that each product they make is a work of art; 100% unique. From the engravings on the cantle to the tooling pattern, it’s hard not to say that the Double J barrel saddles are the most exquisite saddles on the market! Now you can look as good as you ride!

However, many riders want to go a step further and further personalize their barrel saddles. Well, Double J can help with this too. The Double J barrel saddle makers take their customers’ requests to heart and will go the extra mile to personalize any barrel saddle to fit their devoted customers’ requests.

Double J Barrel Saddle Sale – High Quality Materials Used

A barrel saddle is only as strong as the materials that are used to make them. That’s why Double J saddles have been a leading saddle that has been used since 1991.

Double J barrel saddles use Herman Oak leather. Herman Oak leather is one of the strongest leathers that exist. Having durable leather on your barrel saddle is crucial.

Poor quality leather can break down easily which leaves you having to replace or buy features on your barrel saddle or a new barrel saddle entirely. Not only does this cost you money, but it will also cost you valuable time when having to adjust to a new barrel saddle.

To add on, Double J barrel saddles also have stainless steel features. With all the wear and tear that comes with barrel racing, the consequences can pile up on your saddle, leaving you looking tired and run down.

Stainless steel fixes this issue as it is easy to clean and control, allowing you to ride in a saddle that performs as good as it looks.

Double J Barrel Saddle Sale Review

As you have read, Double J barrel saddles are some of the best around. With so many products to choose from, there is a Double J barrel saddle for everyone. Here are some of the best. And even though I’ve only listed these 3 saddles, if you click here, you’ll find more Double J Barrel saddle sales.

13″ to 17″ Double J Pozzi Pro Barrel Racer SBP440

The 13″ to 17″ Double J Pozzi Pro Barrel Racer SBP440 is one of the best saddles around. With its box basket weave tooling pattern and its Ric Rac on Roughout border pattern, this saddle is beautiful. It’s 3-way in-skirt rig plate on the rear trims out the fat of barrel saddles so that it provides a more secure fit on any horse.

13″ to 17″ Double J All Around Saddle SEP00-64586

The 13″ to 17″ Double J All Around Saddle SEP00-64586 is a terrific saddle for all the right reasons. That’s right, Double J is not only for barrel racers! This saddle shines visibly as it wears oak leaf tooling patterns in a gorgeous rustic colour scheme.

Its adjustable rigging allows it to fit horses big and small. Also, with durable rubber tread on an already super-strong aluminum stirrup, this saddle will stand up against any ride.

13″ to 17″ Double J Elite Pro Barrel Racer SEP115

Double J barrel saddle sale

The 13″ to 17″ Double J Elite Pro Barrel Racer SEP115 is a supreme barrel saddle. The chestnut rough-out leather complements the copper cantel details to make it stunning to look at.

However, it’s the skirt of this saddle that takes it over the top. The use of a foam skirt allows weight to be evenly portioned out more than a traditional fleece skirt.

Also, foam skirts are known to fit horses better, no matter what size they are. Remember, an uncomfortable horse will lead to an uncomfortable ride.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many reasons why a Double J Barrel Saddle Sale is a huge thing to get excited over. There is a Double J barrel saddle sale for every rider and their horse. These barrel saddles are amazing to look at and ride on! Double win for Double J! Double J barrel saddles not for you? Click here if you want to take a look at Big Horn barrel saddles.


  • Cogito says:

    Hey Shalisha. Very interesting article. To be fair I’m just starting my adventure with horse riding and all advices are extremely helpful. Thank you very much for your review of Double J barrel saddles. To be fair I didn’t know this company before but it seems to be solid one and I’m tempted to give it a try.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Cogito. Yes, please give it try. It’s pricey, but that’s why there’s a sale. 

  • Matiss says:

    I loved these saddles. I mean, they just look quality. And, yeah, they cost a bit as well. But that I feel is totally worth it if they’re truly as solid as they sound.

    I think what I enjoy the most about Double J is their philosophy of making saddles. As far as I can tell, they truly are paying the utmost attention to every saddle they make. Which is like 120% unlike the other cheap/no-name brands, like pretty much every saddle made in Mexico or Asia. Plus, I love those programs that they promote. I mean, the way I see it, they’re pretty much ideal to anyone ever trying the brand for the first time. And I bet return customers love them, too.

    I will check out that sale. Cheers.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Matiss. Thanks for your comments. Yes, these saddles are pricey, but so worth it. After all, a saddle is about as serious of an investment as a car. Thanks again for stopping by. 

  • Misael H says:

    I appreciate so much this extensive review on Double J Barrel Saddles. Seriously man, I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this has been for me. I have been trying to find complete and thorough reviews on these but I can never seem to find any. Your review is not only thorough but you’ve given options as well and I appreciate that a lot. I am now well equipped with the knowledge to know which one I should be looking into

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi there! Thanks for your comment. I’m glad I was able to give a thorough review of Double J barrel saddles. 

  • alv1989 says:

    Double J barrel saddle its a good Go to any equestrian event and the brand name “Double J” is sure to surface numerous times, and for a good reason too! The Double J saddlery company is one of the best barrel saddle-making companies in today’s day and age.Therefore, it is crucial that you get the best saddle possible, and the only way to make sure of this is to give it a try.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi there!  Thanks for your comment. I agree. Double J is committed to making high quality barrel racing saddles.

  • Nico Tee says:

    Well, I am not really into horse riding so I have limited knowledge about it. But the Double J Pozzi Pro Barrel Racer SBP440 seems a steal for me. The design is actually excellent among others. I think it is quite good for beginners too since the Double J themselves claimed that it is good for the said people. What I like more about the saddle is that it is made with oak leather in which my strong preference when choosing a cloth. cannot wait to try it out!

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Thanks for your comment Nico.  Yes, Double J Pozzi Pro saddles are made with the highest quality materials – hence the price. But with a Double J barrel saddle sale, you’ll make off with a great saddle at a great price.

  • Clark says:

    From your explanation, it does seem that Double J barrel saddles are top notch. From personalization to using the strong Herman Oak leather to their beautiful designs, Double J barrel saddle is a dream for any horse-rider.

    Double J barrel saddle must be to horse-riders what Rolex watches are to watch collectors.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Clark. Yes! I agree and love your analogy. 

  • Tom says:


    I wish I came across this article before Christmas as my niece is having riding lessons and takes them so seriously. If I could have bought her this saddle then I think I would have been the favourite uncle, with out a doubt 🙂

    However, luckily for me it is her birthday soon, so I can still be the favourite uncle. I will let you know if I do get her this saddle for her birthday and what she thinks of it.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Tom. Thanks for your comment! While the holidays are over, there’s always a reason to buy a saddle as a gift. LOL. Yes, please do have a look and buy her a Double J Saddle. You will definitely be her favorite uncle.

  • Lynne says:

    I love that the Double J brand offers trade ins, not is this really convenient but it also shows that they offer quality if they offer that service. I also love the try before you buy option, it gives enough time to use the demo saddle to see if it is a good fit.

    These saddles look amazing, not just in quality but in comfort too. I love cross country riding and jumping, which saddle would you recommend out of these for my needs?

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Lynne. Thanks for your comments and your question. Barrel saddles are used for barrel racing, not jumping or cross country events. If you want to do cross country riding, I’d recommend an Arabian trail saddle. Have a look here https://shrsl.com/2q53d

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