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What is Circle Y Saddles? And for what purpose should anyone do Circle Y Saddles Reviews? Just who is behind the most high-quality horse saddles in the world?  In this post, I will explain who the Circle Y Company is and why it’s the easiest to write Circle Y Saddles Reviews for.

It Started In A Town Called Yoakum in 1960

It all started in a little town called Yoakum.  In 1960, Leland Tucker founded Circle Y saddles. He started his horse saddle company from scratch.  And today, over 50 years later, Circle Y is one of the most distinguished saddle manufacturers in the world.

And even though the company is no longer a mom and pop business, Leland Tucker laid the foundation for manufacturing premium high quality horse saddles.

The Problems With Low-Quality Saddles

See, Leland learned two major things by observing the consequences of his competitors manufacturing low quality saddles:

1)  That horses had a high incident of back painback sores, white spots, muscle atrophy, and swelling in the leg; and

2) The rider no longer enjoyed trail riding because her horse didn’t listen when she gave him an aid (which caused her to chastise him); and she inevitably ended the trail ride early due to her own stiff, sore legs and back.

What does all this have to do with a low quality saddle?

Two things: 1) Your horse’s pain and injury is as the result of an ill-fitting saddle and so he’s not going to listen to you,the rider; and 2)  The reason the rider is in pain is because she has the wrong size saddle – well as one that’s not custom made for her body.

And with those observations, Leland Tucker thought the horse saddle industry needed finer horse saddle products – that meant use of premium materials.

He was right.

And guess what? Today Circle Y Saddles is America’s leading horse saddle brand.


Circle Y Saddles lead the saddle industry by producing cutting-edge technology combined with superior quality that benefits everyone from the barrel racer to the trail guide. They’re committed to always improving their saddles and always staying a step ahead of the other saddle manufacturers.

Flex-Lite Tree Design – Can Fit a Range of Horses

Take, for example, their patented Flex-Lite tree design. The Flex-Lite tree is lightweight and flexible, allowing the tree to fit a range of horses as if it was custom-made. Their Softee seat jockey and fender leather give their saddles a “ready to ride feel” and promise to minimize knee and ankle strain.

Circle Y Saddles Cover a Range of Western Disciplines

Unlike their competitors, Circle Y extends their saddle research to a broad range of western disciplines. They make saddles for trail riding, barrel racing, roping, cutting, penning, showing, and reining. They also make Arabian and ranch work saddles.

Circle Y Only Uses Top of the Line Craftsmen

Just as Circle Y only uses premium materials for their saddles, likewise, they only use experienced, top-notch craftsmen to make their saddles. These craftsmen use the finest quality materials, from the leather to the silver trim. Let’s not forget – the Circle Y Saddle company also makes a wide range of tack goods, including breast collars, bridles, and reins.

Circle Y Saddle Product Endorsement By Horse Racing Champions

Kelly Kaminski

Recently Circle Y added to their “Team of Champions”—a unique group of renown authors, competitors, and trainers who are proud to put their name behind Circle Y’s saddles. Kelly Kaminski, 2005 world Champion and four time NFR qualifier, is their newest addition.

In their catalog Kelly states she believes Circle Y’s success is “a result of their passion for excellence, their persistence in progressive creativity and innovation, and their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.”

Martha Josey

Martha Josey is also part of their team of champions. She is a world renown barrel racer and has even partnered with Circle Y to create her own line of Ultimate Barrel racing saddles.

Ringing Endorsements from the Most Successful Riders with
the Highest Success Rate in the Industry

Other people on the team include Cash Myers, Marlene McRae, Clay Harper, Janine Wilder, and Dawn Samuelson. Circle Y’s team of champions proves that their saddles are worthy enough to win the endorsement of the people who have the highest success in the industry.

Circle Y Saddles Only Sold Through Authorized Dealers

Circle Y saddles and goods are only sold through authorized dealers. Click here to buy your Circle Y saddle. We aim to make our customers happy by only choosing to sell quality products that we can guarantee they’ll be pleased with. We’re proud to be partnered with Circle Y.

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