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Training Saddles Sale – Slashed Prices, Buy Now

training saddles sale

“Training saddles sale” are three words every horse person loves to hear. Every horse person needs a saddle. For example, trainers use their saddles for so many different horses. They need a few in their arsenal. Trainers think of saddles as writers think of a laptop. They’re an expense that must be paid to do the job effectively.

Why Jump on a Training Saddles Sale?

Training saddles are a lot like cowboys. They don’t mind the hard work so long as you give them a job, and they’re there when the job needs doing.

Despite their name, training saddles aren’t strictly used for training purposes. Many people use them as trail or work saddles. They aren’t elaborately decorated like a show saddle. However, they do offer the same support and balance to both horse and rider.

The key to a good training saddle is finding one that isn’t hard on the wallet without sacrificing great quality and comfort.

They’re also incredibly versatile. In this case, versatility means these saddles are designed to fit most horses and riders. They also come in at various price points. That’s why it’s important to research the brand before purchasing a saddle.

Below, there are three great training saddles to consider.

Training Saddles Sale #1

15.5″ to 17″ Billy Cook Training Saddle 9030

Training Saddles Sale

List Price: $2,634.00
Our Price: $2,195.00

Up first is the familiar name of Billy Cook. If you’re new to horses, Billy Cook Saddles are one of the most trusted brands in saddles. This is a company that believes in their saddles being an investment. Many people ride in their saddles for a decade before considering buying another one. Because of this, these saddles hold their value and are popular.

The 9030 is a rare “one size fits most” model thanks to the custom options available. Need a saddle for a youth? Want something that will last for years to come? Get a Billy Cook. Many repeat customers come back for this saddle, which speaks volumes.


Quarter horse bars on the tree means it’ll fit most wide horses
Skirt length: 29 inches
Weight: around 36 lbs.

Training Saddles Sale #2

15″ 16″ 17″ South Bend Saddle Co Training Saddle 2387

Training saddles sale

List Price: $1,847.00
Our Price: $1,421.00

The second saddle comes from none other than South Bend. South Bend is a rebranding of the original saddle company Rocking R. They’ve been around since 1970 and are loved by trainers and riders alike.

Now, this training saddle is an Arabian horse owner’s dream. Why? Because it’s made for shorter backed, wide horses. Most saddles don’t come with an 8” gullet with such a short skirt, which makes this saddle a true treasure.

Then there’s the durability. Built with a fiberglass tree, it can sustain anything you throw at it. It’s also a prettier saddle than most training saddles out there with the two-toned design. This makes it more popular as an everyday trail saddle.


Skirt length goes from 26 ¼” to 27 ¾”
Hardware is stainless steel
Weight is around 31 lbs.

Training Saddles Sale #3

15″ 16″ 17″ South Bend Saddle Co Training Saddle 1300

training saddles sale

List Price: $1,653.00
Our Price: $1,271.50

Last on this list is the South Bend 1300. For those who don’t have a horse that’s hard to fit a saddle to, this is the model for you. It’s one of the better price tags you’ll find on a western saddle, and it’s got everything you need in a good one.

Still holding the fiberglass tree, it’s built to withstand the rigors of training. The roughout leather helps a rider grip the saddle and maintain a good seat. Think of it as a wide receiver’s gloves in football. This saddle has all the functionality to help horse and rider prep for a show or just enjoy the trails.


Stainless steel hardware
Skirt length varies from 27 ¼” to 28 ¾”
Weight is around 37 lbs.

So let me ask you… what are you waiting for? Hop on this training saddles sale now. If you want to read more reviews on saddles, read my Kids Western Saddles review.


  • Eric Cantu says:

    I like these for the explicit reason that they’re more “no nonsense”, know what I mean? Having a great “show” saddle is one thing, but for actual work being done, these are perfect and easy on the wallet like you mention. Nice post!

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Eric. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Yes, these training saddles are super practical at a fantastic price. Have you checked out our used saddles? They’re a steal.

  • Satz says:

    Thanks for sharing the the three best saddles. I am surprised to know that people use the same saddles for decades. How does one maintain their saddle for 10 years ? I am sure you have to take special care…I mean cleaning, conditioning, oiling them – Any tips on the same or any post that you have written on the same ?

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Satz. Thanks for your questions. Yes, you definitely need to clean your saddle regularly and oil your saddle to make sure it lasts past 10 years. At the same time, saddles are made with different material. Some saddles are made with leather while others are made with nylon/leather blend. So the cleaning materials would be different. You’d have to consult your saddle maker.

      I haven’t written an article on this topic, but I think I will now that you’ve mentioned it.

  • Sylvia says:

    Wow, Shalisha, I learn so much from your articles. There are so many different saddles, and hard to choose from. I always would go for the quality and long-lasting saddles, so the price doesn’t matter if you think for a decade. It is not expensive. I have never thought about the different backs of the horses, but of course, that is natural. We, humans, are also different build, shorter or taller, so horses too. I believe it depends on the race. You mentioned that Arabian horses have shorter backs. This is very interesting. Thank you for this great information!

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi there Sylvia. Thanks for your comment. Yes, horses have different back lengths and widths, so your saddle needs to be tailored to the horse’s back. Otherwise, the saddle won’t fit, and the poor horse will suffer. Your riding will suffer too.

  • Julius says:

    Thank you for this broad selection of saddles with in-depth descriptions. I liked the first one the most. Although, it is more expensive than the other ones. But I guess you get what you pay for. Seeing their longevity, it might worth it. I saw that there are companies that offer to purchase the saddles at certain rates. Do you know if the horse saddle shop is doing it as well?

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Julius. Thanks for your question. Yes, that first saddle is a Billy Cook saddle. So not only are you paying for high-quality materials, you’re paying for the name brand. Yes, that first saddle comes in at a hefty $2,195. But it’s certainly worth every penny. All of the saddles I list are high quality – even if the price is cheaper. The reason they’re high quality is because we get our saddles from The Horse Saddle Shop. Which leads me to your question.

      We sell saddles on behalf of The Horse Saddle Shop. They have what’s called a Trade-in program. So that means any used saddle that comes in, The Horse Saddle Shop thoroughly inspects it, cleans it, and oils it. Based on whatever their expert saddle makers appraise the used saddle, that’s the price that’s set. But all used saddles go through a rigorous inspection process. I hope this answers your question.

  • Randi says:

    Training saddle sale… three of the most anticipated words of the year for us! With a new addition, and training for the next rodeo season, I’m always on the lookout for sales! Thank you so much!

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Randi. Thanks for your comment. A saddle sale is always a good thing! What rodeo event are you participating in? If you’re looking for a saddle for a rodeo event, take a look at our barrel saddles https://bit.ly/3qMu1Ga

      Please stop by again.

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