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Horse Saddle Reviews

Circle Y Trail Saddle Reviews – Insanely Great Savings For You

circle y trail saddle reviews

Circle Y Trail Saddle reviews are often boring. But this won’t be.

In my search for honest Circle Y trail Saddle reviews, I’ve only come across a few Circle Y Trail Saddle reviews.  None of these Circle Y Trail Saddles reviews ever convinced me to buy a saddle.

In fact, they all seemed very promotional.  And after finally finding a great saddle, I decided to write my own review.

Circle Y Trail Saddle Reviews – Which Saddle is Right for You?

Let me start off by asking you:  Do you love exploring the trails, creeks, mountains or fields with your horse? If so, you need a saddle that provides you with both comfort and security so that you can focus on the sights and sounds all around you.

circle y trail saddle reviews

But how do you know which saddle is right for you? Like I said, there are too many Circle Y Saddles reviews that don’t help you.  But after you read my Circle Y Trail Saddles reviews, I believe you’ll know exactly which saddle is the right for you!

The Circle Y Trail Saddle has many features designed to make an exciting trail ride more enjoyable for both you and your horse.  Check out some of what these saddles have to offer people who love to spend time with their horses.

circle y trail saddle reviews

Circle Y Trail Saddle Reviews – First, a Look at the Circle Y Company

I’d like to start my Circle Y Trail saddle review with telling you a little bit about the company itself.  Then I’ll talk about its products.  The Circle Y Company has been in the saddle-making business for 57 years and counting!

Their experienced team of employees is dedicated to crafting saddles with special attention to detail making them a fast favorite with both casual riders and regular participants in horse shows.

The Circle Y Company designs saddles that are the perfect mixture of innovation, comfort and appealing style.

Circle Y Trail Saddle Reviews Provide a Comfortable Seat Size

The Circle Y Trail Saddle is comfortable for hours of trail riding. This saddle gives you plenty of space to adjust your weight and position while making you feel secure on your horse.

circle y trail saddle reviews

In fact, when you sit in this saddle for the first time, you’ll get the impression that it’s already been broken in!

Whether you’re traveling over rocky terrain or over a perfectly flat trail, these saddles provide you with a comfortable seat as you explore the woods or fields on your favorite horse.

Circle Y Trail Saddle Reviews Lightweight and Easy to Carry

circle y trail saddle reviews

Trail saddles made by the Circle Y Company are lightweight – making it a simple task to prepare your horse for a fun trail ride. The saddles are easy to lift and put onto a horse’s back, especially if you’re smaller in stature.

Plus, your horse will appreciate the lightweight feel of the saddle as you navigate the trails around your property. Lowering this saddle into a tack box or putting it onto a rack in the tack room is a breeze. 

Circle Y Trail Saddles Allow for Excellent Leg Control

The streamlined design of these trail saddles allows you to easily squeeze your horse’s sides and otherwise adjust your leg position. The fenders of the saddle are not bulky, so your horse is able to feel the slightest direction or cue from you.

The lack of bulk beneath your legs gives you more control over the movements of your horse.

Circle Y Trail Saddle Reviews – Comfortable Stirrup Design

circle y trail saddle reviews

The leather stirrups on these trail saddles are ergo-balanced. This means the stirrups are made to hang at an angle relieving pressure on your joints and ankles as you move along with your horse. This design detail is particularly valuable if you like to go for long trail rides over different types of terrain.

Circle Y Trail Saddle Reviews Provide Adjustable In-Skirt

The in-skirts on a Circle Y Trail saddle are the pieces of leather that serve as a buffer between your horse’s back and the bars of the saddle tree.  The design of this saddle includes adjustable rigging on the in-skirt allowing you to move the saddle forward on your horse’s back if you prefer it to be closer to the withers.

circle y trail saddle reviews

Or, you can move it backward positioning the saddle more toward the center of your horse’s back. The advantage of adjustable rigging is you can change it to suit the size and build of your horse. It makes the saddle even more comfortable on your horse’s back.

Circle Y Trail Saddle Reviews – Flex2 Technology

This technology allows for space, or a tunnel, that runs down the center, beneath your saddle. This space helps prevent the saddle from rubbing against your horse’s spine leading to sores on its back.
The technology gives you the support you need while allowing better air-circulation between your horse’s back and the saddle.

Attractive Style

Circle Y Trail Saddles come in many designs. There are saddles in dark or light leather with detailed, hand-tooled leaf borders and other types of appealing trim. With so many options, you’re sure to find one that goes perfectly with your favorite bridle!
Some examples of colors include:

  • Walnut
  • Regular Oil
  • Black
  • Antique
  • Chocolate

15inch to 18inch Circle Y Topeka Flex2 Trail Saddle 1651

circle y trail saddle reviews

A Variety of Seat Sizes

Once you choose the Circle Y Trail saddle with the look you want, you have the option of choosing the seat size.  Many of these saddles range from 14 to 18 inches.

This makes it easy to find the one you want with the comfort you need while riding trails, taking a lesson or taking on some challenging obstacle training exercises.

These saddles have extra special details making them more than just a practical saddle for trail riding. Many of them have stainless steel hardware giving the design a little extra visual interest.

Others have leather strings decorating the saddle’s skirt. The carefully planned details on Circle Y Trail Saddles make them appealing enough to use for shows and other competitions. 

Sturdy Horn

circle y trail saddle reviews

While riding the trails, it’s likely you’ll travel over some bumpy ground or slide through patches of mud. The horn on this saddle is sturdy and made to grab onto so you can steady yourself when riding over uncertain terrain. Rely on the strong design of this saddle for those unexpected moments on the trails.


When you purchase a saddle for trail riding, you want one that can withstand the cold weather, rain or even the harsh sunlight.  A Circle Y Trail Saddle is made to endure weather changes as well as the bumps and jolts that are part of an exhilarating time on the trails around your property.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable, well-made saddle perfect for riding the trails, check out an array of Circle Y Trail Saddles here. These saddles are made by people who love horses and know the pleasure of a comfortable ride any day of the year.

circle y trail saddle reviews

There may be other Circle Y Trail Saddles reviews online, but I hope you’ve enjoyed mine, and I hope you’ll be able to make an informed decision before buying one.

Are you an avid horse rider?  What’s your favorite saddle brand?  What do you look for most in a horse saddle?  I have another review you might like. It’s my Julie Goodnight Saddle review. Please leave your comments below.


  • Jinny Morrison says:

    Years ago I bought a Circle Y Park and Trail Saddle. Do you still make that style of saddle? It was the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned. Unfortunately after years of riding my horse died and I sold the saddle. I would love to find another saddle like that park and trail saddle I bought around 1985 . Please email me at Jinnzara@gmail.com.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Jinny. We no longer carry the Circle Y Park and Trail saddle. But we have plenty of lightweight trail saddles by Circle Y. Take a look here http://shrsl.com/45z8h for all kinds of Circle Y Trail saddles.

  • Leahrae says:

    I love the chocolate color saddles. I am curious, if I am looking for a saddle just for occasional riding in the ring or on the trail, which saddle would you recommend? After reading some of your other articles, I see that saddles are pretty specific to weight and such. My mother in law is a very petite little gal. So if I could have my own saddle, I might feel more comfortable right?

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Leahrae. Thanks for your question. For occasional riding or in the ring, I’d recommend one of the cashel trail saddles I’ve reviewed. Take a look by clicking here.

      As for whether you should get your own saddle or use your mom’s, it really depends on how close in size you are to her. If there’s a drastic difference in size, then by all means, get your own saddle.

  • Andrea says:

    Great review, Shalisha, thank you!
    I appreciate how you covered aspects that we want to know about first: comfort and durability!
    There are lot of reviews out there that don’t discuss things from the horse’s perspective, but you had that covered!
    Happy riding!

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Andrea. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, most people don’t think about the horse’s comfort! But the key to a great ride is to have both rider and horse comfortable, and that’s why it’s important to pick the right saddle. Thanks again.

  • Great post Salisha!

    I didn’t realise there were so many different types and weights of saddles. You explain it all so beautifully and your website is so clear and uncluttered.

    The Flex 2 technology was really interesting too. Such a great post. Thanks so much again!


    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Thank you for commenting Kevin.

  • andrew says:

    I like how you broke down durability, weight, and size in your reviews of these saddles. All three components are huge factors when purchasing the right saddle for you. Another great post!

  • Stuart Allen says:

    What an interesting collection of posts.

  • lisha42 says:

    @Roda: Thank you for commenting. A lot goes into making horse saddles. Glad I could help you. Circle Y has horse saddles specifically for barrel racing. As for jumping, you’re better of buying an English saddle – as opposed to a Western saddle.

  • Ha Roda says:

    Your article is very thorough with many important key factors of a saddle that I would of ask about when I am looking for a saddle. I also learned more about saddles that I do not know before such as the flex 2 technology and it could be light weight. Thank you for sharing your experience and research. I am wondering if this saddle can be used for racing or jumping hurdles as well?

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