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Dakota Barrel Saddle Sale – Exclusive Discounts Just For You

A Dakota barrel saddle sale is the perfect chance to get a high-quality saddle at an affordable price. 

Dakota has been making saddles since 1987 and has embraced the latest technology to provide you with the perfect barrel saddle.  

The products featured in the Dakota barrel saddles sale are handcrafted from top-quality leather and built for both speed and security. As a result, they are as suitable for trail riding as they are for barrel racing.

Each Dakota barrel saddle comes with in-skirt rigging so your legs can hang flush with your horse’s flanks, giving you more control and better balance. 

The forward-hunt stirrup leathers will also help you adopt a more athletic riding position so you can stay with your horse as he blasts out of the barrel. 

Make the most of the Dakota Barrel saddle sale, and you could find yourself beating the competition with your style as well as your speed.

What Sets Dakota Barrel Saddles Apart From the Rest?

With over 30 years’ experience under its belt, Dakota Saddlery knows how to create a top-quality saddle. They also know that it’s what’s inside that really matters, which is why they only use trees from the Steele Tree Company.

While the Dakota barrel racer 307 sports the traditional wood tree, the 300 and the 343 both boast the cutting-edge fiberglass-covered wood tree from Steele’s Equi-Fit® Classic line.

This fiber-glass covering makes the tree stronger while keeping the saddle both lightweight and affordable.

Each of the products available in the Dakota Barrel saddles sale is made using thick American cowhide, which is good quality and hard-wearing. With their rough-out fenders and simple design, these comfortable barrel saddles will make you look as good as your horse feels.

All the Dakota Barrel saddles in the sale have a nice, wide flare at the shoulders and short, rounded skirts to give your horse greater freedom of movement and even faster times.

While designed for barrel racing, these eye-catching saddles won’t look out of place in the arena or out on the trail.

Every saddle from Dakota comes with a 10-year tree warranty, guaranteeing you many years of happy riding if you purchase something in the Dakota Barrel saddle sale.

How A Dakota Barrel Saddle Could Be The Secret To Your Success

An ill-fitting saddle can cause all sorts of problems for both horse and rider, especially when competing in a sport like barrel racing that requires agility, balance, and speed.

If the saddle is too big for you, the rider, you could find yourself being left behind your horse as he powers out of the barrel or thrown sideways in the turn.

A saddle that’s too small pushes the rider back onto the cantle causing the saddle to tip back and put pressure on the front of the horse’s loins, restricting his movement and causing him discomfort.

Dakota will customize your saddle according to your measurements so you can be sure you’ll have a saddle that fits you as well as it fits your horse.

Choosing the best barrel saddle from Dakota

Dakota Barrel Saddle Sale #1

14″ to 16″ Dakota Oak Leaf Barrel Racing Saddle 300

It’s rare to find a quality barrel racing saddle for less than $1000, but if you’re willing to bite the bullet and order a new one from the Dakota barrel saddle sale, this oak-leaf-patterned beauty could be yours for just $960.

It comes with either standard bars for horses with shorter backs or full quarter-horse bars for horses with a wider, flatter build. It features a short 24” skirt that will give your horse the freedom to lengthen his stride and quicken his pace. 

This saddle isn’t just a work of art – it’s the chance to shave seconds off your personal best.

Dakota Barrel Saddle Sale #2

14″ to 16″ Dakota Barrel Saddle 343

Engineered for security as well as speed, this elegant saddle has been handcrafted to give your horse freedom to move. Its chocolate-colored suede seat will give you extra grip, while the 7/8 rigging frees up your horse’s shoulder and keeps you secure and balanced in the saddle.

Designed for racing this barrel saddle will look just as good in an arena or out on the trail, with its Montana Silversmith silver conchos and sliver-laced rawhide cattle.

A little pricier than the 300, this versatile saddle is nevertheless competitively priced and, if you buy it while the Dakota Barrel saddle is still on, you’ll save over $300, which means you’ve got an extra $300 to spend on your horse!

Dakota Barrel Saddle Sale #3

14″ to 16″ Dakota Barrel Racer 307

Dakota barrel saddles sale

This eye-catching saddle could last you a lifetime if you look after it. Built for strength and durability, the 307 has a traditional wooden tree, brass rigging, and high-quality leather.

This bargain-hunters’ dream flares away nicely to give your horse the ability to stride out and cut valuable seconds off your best time.

Designed for speed-work, this lightweight saddle is perfect for horses that are difficult to fit, including those with low withers and short backs.

Its suede seat is comfortable and secure, while its rawhide braided horn and cantle make it look as good as it feels.

Dakota Barrel Saddle Sale Conclusion

The Dakota Barrel saddle sale is the perfect opportunity to pick up a high-performance saddle for a cost-effective price.

Each one is handcrafted using only the highest quality materials and can be customized to suit your individual needs and those of your horse.

With various trees and rigging available, there’s a Dakota Barrel saddle out there to suit every rider – and every horse. Whether you opt for a traditional wooden tree, or a fiber-glass one, these saddles are built to last, but not at the expense of either your or your horse’s comfort.

Designed for speed and security, Dakota Barrel saddles could give you the edge you’ve been looking for and the length of stride your horse has been hankering after.

Was this Dakota barrel saddles sale review helpful to you? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Looking for more discounts on high-quality Western saddles?

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  • Leahrae says:

    I love the look of the barrel saddle. I am going to ask a silly question. Since it says “barrel” saddle. Does that mean that is is for doing the barrels with your horse? These are beautiful saddles and the prices with the Dakota company seems pretty decent. Thanks for all the great information. You know your stuff!

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi there! Thanks for your question. Barrel saddles are specifically designed for the Western discipline of barrel racing, where the horse and rider run in a cloverleaf pattern. The discipline is timed. Whoever does it in the shortest time is the winner. Dakota has amazing barrel saddles. But I’m especially in love with Martha Josey Barrels. Please read about my post called Martha Josey Barrel Saddle Sale.

  • Cogito says:

    Hi Shalisha. Very interesting article. To be fair I’m just starting my adventure with horse riding, and posts like this are extremely helpful, I have never heard before about Dakota company, but looking on your review it seems they are providing high quality saddles. Taking under consideration that prices are really reasonable, I think this is great choice for beginners.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Cogito. Thanks for your comment. Yes, Dakota makes very fine saddles. They also make used saddles. So if budget is an issue, The Horse Saddle Shop offers high-quality, used saddles under brands such as Dakota, Billy Cook, Big Horn, Circle Y, and more. Also, when you buy any saddle at the Horse Saddle Shop, you get a 2-week money-back guarantee.  It’s worth it to take a look. 

  • Fedebu says:

    It sounds like a good deal to me. Is this a saddle that is supposed to be for beginner or something that last quite a lot in time? I understand that wood + glass fibers should provide a good durability, but I am wondering if cause of the glass fibers it actually wears of quicker. What would be a good guess on the durability, given a normal, average, use?

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Fedebu. Thanks for your questions. Dakota barrel saddles aren’t just for beginners. They are for any level rider.  But if you’re a beginner, I highly recommend getting a trail saddle so that you can get comfortable being on a horse.  You can also buy used saddles that are high-quality and cost a fraction of the price of a new saddle. You also get a money-back guarantee. So that’s an option for you.  

      As for materials the saddles are made of. 

      Although many craftsmen agree that when starting out with a tree, rawhide is the strongest and most durable material to use.  However, those are also super expensive saddles.  The good news is that technology has advanced so much that fiberglass is an extremely durable material out of which saddle trees are made. I hope this helps. 

  • Louis Munro says:

    Thank you for this well-written review of the Dakota Barrel Saddles Sale – Big Discounts, lots of saddles. The subject line did not disappoint because these saddles are not only extremely well-made from quality materials, they are actually not as pricy as I expected them to be. I am also surprised by the fact that they can be customized to suit your individual needs and those of our horse, this is super important as both rider and horse needs to be comfortable. 

    All the best 

    Louis Munro

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Thank you Louis for your comment.  Dakota is know for their well-made, high-quality saddles.  Did you know that Dakota also has used saddles that give you bang for your buck?  Take a look here for Used Dakota barrel saddles

  • Paolo says:

    I want to buy a Dakota Barrel Saddles but I have a question: Are barrel saddles good for trail riding? In my book, the main job of a barrel saddle is to be light weight and keep me snug in the saddle. I think I could also trail ride out of barrel saddles, but I think I could not rope out of them. Is the horn sturdy enough? I think it will break if I tried roping or dragging out of it.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Paolo. You’re right. Sort of. Barrel saddles are designed for the Western discipline of barrel racing – not trailing. Although there are some barrel saddles that you can use for trail riding, if it’s constructed in a certain way. But remember, every Western saddle is made for a specific discipline. 

      It’s like going to the gym and working out with business shoes on instead of sneakers. Can it be done, yes? But would be be comfortable, no?  Same with saddles. 

      As for the horn on the barrel racing saddle. The horn on this particular saddle is not made for roping. Barrel saddles are made so that the horse can run in a cloverleaf pattern in a short period of time. The main focus when designing a barrel saddle is the secure seat (cantle).  Yes, the horn is important in that you need to hold on to it, but it doesn’t need to be as sturdy, as if it were a roping saddle. 

      A roping saddle’s horn needs to be very sturdy because you are roping a calf and wrapping one end of the rope around your horn, while trying to lasso the calf’s legs.  

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