used roping saddles

Used roping saddles are one of the most highly sought after used saddles. Why? Because a broken-in saddle is a comfortable saddle. In this post, I’ll show you how to go about choosing the best used saddle. Then, I’ll show you how to find a reputable horse saddle shop that sells used roping saddles.

So let’s jump right in.

All Riding Saddles Aren’t The Same

Experienced riders know that just because a saddle suits one riding purpose, doesn’t make it best suited for others. Take, for instance, a roping saddle. Roping saddles are designed to achieve challenging tasks and maximum mobility.

These saddles are made with particularly strong trees and horns, which allow riders to easily chase, rope and dally ranch animals by the horn. Unfortunately, saddles are costly. A better option for lots of riders is to buy a used saddle. And that’s what I want to talk about. The benefits of buying a used roping saddle are plenty.

Benefits of Buying Used Roping Saddles

If you’re looking to buy a roping saddle, or any other kind of saddle, I suggest first going for used ones. Why? Because buying a used roping saddle has some great benefits. First, oftentimes, they’re much cheaper than brand new saddles.

Second, you get to skip the breaking-in period as used saddles have already been broken-in. Third, you’re assured a high-quality saddle if you purchase the used saddle from a reputable dealer. Lastly, you can buy it on consignment if your dealer offers that program. That means, no money out of your pocket initially. In fact, I know of one such saddle company that offers the following:

90-day Layaway,
Saddle Trade-In or
Full financing options

used roping saddles

Let’s face it. You’ll have lots of ready choices. No waiting to have your saddle custom made. There are many other types of used saddles available other than used roping saddles.

Here’s a list:

Used Ranch Saddles
Used Cutting Saddles
Used Training Saddles
Used Show Saddles
Used English Saddles
Used Australian Saddles
Used Western Trail Saddles
Used Reining Saddles
Used Endurance Saddles
Used All-Around Saddles
Used Barrel Racing Saddles

And just as there are many used saddle types, there are many saddle brands as well.

Some of these brand names are known for the highest quality saddles – even their used saddles. When it comes to used roping saddles, and other used saddles, the following brands carry used saddles:

Big Horn
Billy Cook
Circle Y
Double J
Tex Tan

Wait. Let’s talk about saddle trees for a minute.

The Wood Tree

used roping saddles

The tree is the most important aspect of the saddle. Depending on how it’s constructed and what materials are used, the tree determines how long your saddle will last.

So what’s in a tree? Once man decided that riding on a horse using a saddle blanket wasn’t good enough, they started making saddles from wood. Hence, the term “tree”. Even though we’ve made leaps and bounds in technology, wood trees are still serving their purpose. But what covers the wooden parts after they’re formed together is what makes the wooden tree so powerful and useful.

What’s a Tree Covered With?

Trees are sometimes covered with the following materials:


Coverings used on trees strengthen the saddle. Rawhides are the most traditional. 14 Inch Used Colorado Roping Saddle 8277, for instance, has a rawhide covered wood tree. By contrast,
the 17 Inch Used Double J Team Roper Saddle 56946 has a fiberglass tree.

The Bars on a Used Roping Saddle

used roping saddles

Bars on a roping saddle, and all saddles, help in weight distribution. Depending on your horse’s back size, bars can be full-quarter, for horses with broad and somewhat flat backs. Or, bars can be semi-quarter, for horses with average backs.

Hence, there are medium and wide-sized saddles such as the Cimarron Wide Roping Saddle, Tex Tan Medium Roping Saddle, and more. So, where can you purchase quality used roping saddles? You can buy them by at the Horse Saddle Shop.

Where Can You Buy Used Roping Saddles?

The Horse Saddle Shop is the best place to purchase used roping saddles. They’ve currently sold over 32,000 horse saddles! So no worries. The company is legit. Moreover, there are lots of benefits to buying a used or new saddle at the Horse Saddle Shop.

9 Great Reasons to Buy from The Horse Saddle Shop

1) They have a 2-week Return Policy
2) They offer free shipping for goods over $100
3) Saddle trees and leather are professionally inspected – hence, you’re assured of a high-quality saddle
4) Saddles are oiled and cleaned and are, therefore, in excellent condition
5) Transactions are risk-free
6) They carry several reputable saddle brands
7) Saddle experts will repair and adjust saddles parts as needed
8) The photos on the website have been taken by a professional, so what you see is what you get
9) Guaranteed accurate measurements

I’d like to think that’s a very promising package, don’t you? Great! Then don’t dilly dally before someone beats you to the used roping saddle you’re eyeing. Be it medium or wide-sized roping saddles, you’ll be spoiled for brand choice!

And you’re more likely than not to find some other saddle type or item that will also come in handy. Happy shopping!