All around work saddles

What are all around work saddles great for? If you have dreams of racing your horse in the Kentucky Derby and watching him gallop around the racetrack at breakneck speeds, you’d do well to have a thoroughbred.

However, if you just need help moving large numbers of sheep across your farm, a simple draft horse will do. In other words, the type of horse should match its function.

Likewise, when shopping for a horse saddle, its function should be your main consideration before whipping out your Visa Card. This short post is about the features and functions of the All Around Work saddle.

The Function of the All-Around Work Saddle

The All-Around Work saddle is made for heavy-duty, long hours of work on a ranch or farm. Its features are perfect for a wide range of ranch and cowboy work. These saddles tend to be large and pretty heavy.

How Are All Around Work Saddles Made?

All-Around Work saddles are usually made with a strong, wooden tree because they have to withstand the pressures of roping and pulling. Ranch work usually requires long hours in the saddle. So the All-Around Work saddle is made to endure while being comfortable to ride in.

All around work saddles

Features of the All-Around Work Saddle

The All-Around Work saddles have flatter seats than other Western saddles to allow the rider to move and adjust easily. The seats are often padded and made of suede to grip the rider and help the rider stay on the horse. Here are more features:

Close Contact Skirting – to help with leg cues
Reinforced Rigging – for light roping
Tough Wooden Tree – to withstand the pressures of pulling and roping
Strong High Horn – This horn is made higher so the rider can securely hold on

All around work saddles

There are many different brands that carry All-Around Work saddles, and these saddles, although high-quality, can be very inexpensive – especially if you buy a used one. One of my favorites is the Billy Cook Ranch saddle. 

I’d love to hear your experience with the All Around Work saddle.  Please leave your comments below!