Circle Y Pioneer Flex2 Trail Saddle 1665


This saddle has lots of beneficial features for both rider and horse. First, there’s comfort for the rider. The saddle has an impact foam seat, known for one of the best seats you can find in the industry, which your butt will be thankful for after a long trail ride.

This saddle also has a close contact cut skirt, which makes for a great arena/trail saddle combo for all-around type pleasure work.


Ergonomic Stirrups

The stirrups are EBS stirrups. That means the cone bar helps tip the stirrup so it’s in a more ergonomic position for your foot, which you’ll notice that at the end of a long ride.

Now, what about comfort for the horse?

This saddle has a Neo Shock Skirt filler in which they take neoprene and fill the skirts underneath the leather, so it reduces shock on impact.

In addition to the neo shock feature, the horse has tunnel skirting.

A lot of saddles are closed off in the back. But with this saddle, you can look in the front of the saddle straight to the back. This feature allows more airflow and keeps your horse cooler.

Fits All Horse Sizes

This awesome saddle comes with a shorter skirt and comes in medium wide and extra wide flex2 tree, so you can get a fit for any horse. That means that if you have a high withered horse, mutton withered horse, or short back horse, this saddle will fit them.

What Materials Are Used?

This Circly Y saddle tree is coated with DURAhide to ensure that it stays strong and resistant to the elements.

Special Features

This saddle features Circle Y’s latest technology of high density and low-density bars. This ensures that the saddle conforms to your horse’s back, even while in motion.

Another special feature of this saddle is the Neo Shockprene, which reduces shock on impact, and tunnel skirting.

How does it work?

Here’s how it works. There are 2 layers. The high-density portion above gives support under the rider’s seat, while the low-density bar, which is next the horse’s back, is more flexible.

The tree in the middle is rigid, but its outer edges flex whenever the horse moves.

ErgoBalance Stirrups

The stirrups are EBS (ErgoBalance Stirrups), which means the stirrups give a more ergonomic position for your foot.

Softee leathers ready to go out the box (which are 2 softer pieces of leather that have been stitched together. It comes in sizes that fit all horses.

Weight: 25 pounds

Price: $1,875.00


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