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How to Groom a Horse for Beginners – Super Easy, and Fast

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how to groom a horse for beginners

How to groom a horse for beginners. Hmmm… 

If you’re reading this, then odds are you’re learning how to groom your horse as a beginner. Horse grooming is an essential responsibility of an equestrian. As humans, our jobs often require us to be well-groomed.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that our equine friends need to be regularly well-kempt, too in order  to perform at their best. A saddle sitting on a dirty horse can cause sores and discomfort—ouch! Plus, a tangled mane and tail look shabby and prevent hair growth.

But the benefits of grooming a horse are many. Not only does it improve the bond between horse and groomer, but it’s excellent for skin health and improves the horse’s mood. So, it’s safe to say that a healthy horse means a well-groomed horse.

How to Groom a Horse for Beginners – Use These Tools

The following items are what you’re going to need to groom your horse. They’re not listed in any particular order of importance. In fact, all of these tools are important. So don’t stress.  Also, I’ll provide links for where you can buy some of these items.

8 Must-Have Tools for Grooming Your Horse

how to groom a horse for beginners

A curry comb loosens dirt and helps remove mud and hair from the horse’s coat. With this particular rubber curry comb, you can actually brush your horse’s face as well as his full body. It’s ergonomically designed so that it’s easy to grip, but comfortable in your hand.

I recommend Wahl Professional Animal Equine Grooming Rubber Curry Horse Brush. Wahl’s is a reputable hair grooming supplier for animals and humans. They’re also super affordable. You can buy it on Amazon. Here are the other tools you’ll need:

Hard Brush

Soft Brush

Wide-tooth comb

Hoof pick

Hoof conditioner

Tail conditioner and detangler

Horsefly spray

Now, you can buy these tools individually, or you can buy them in one kit.  I highly recommend you buy the kit.

how to groom a horse for beginners

How to Groom a Horse for Beginners – Step 1

First things first – tie up your horse. This step probably seems obvious, but it’s important not to skip even if your horse is great about staying in place. Horses suddenly move their feet and shift their weight, causing issues while grooming. So, to avoid any problems mid-groom, it’s best to tie your horse up.

How to Groom a Horse for Beginners – Step 2

The curry comb, hard brush, soft brush, and a wide-toothed comb are your friends.

A horse is all coat. So the next few steps in the grooming process are brushing. Now, you can add all kinds of brushes to your collection, but you’ll really only need four to get the job done.

The Curry Comb

how to groom a horse for beginners
Wahl Curry Comb/Brush

Old hair, debris, and dirt can get stuck in your horse’s coat, and this is where the curry comb comes into play. Start with very small (palm-size) circular motions from the neck, down each side of the horse. This will begin loosening the mud from the coat. But remember, stay away from the legs, ears, face, and tail with this comb, as these areas are more sensitive.

The Hard Brush

After using the Curry comb to break up all the dirt, it’s time for the Hard brush. Using short but brisk strokes, go over your horse’s coat. You’ll need to avoid the sensitive areas with this brush as well, as it can irritate. The below Wahl Combo Brush combines soft and hard brush in one.

The Soft Brush

Next comes the soft brush. The soft bristles of a soft brush release the horse’s natural oils and provide an overall sheen. It might even be worth investing in a higher-quality brush if you’re looking to achieve that extra slick and smooth appearance.

The Wide-Tooth Comb 

A wide-tooth comb is used for the mane and tail. Some groomers avoid using a comb on their horse’s mane and tail to prevent pulling out hair. However, if using a wide-tooth comb, then keep in mind that it works best when coupled with a detangler.

how to groom a horse for beginners

But there’s more to this step, so here are some other items to keep in mind:

Mane and Tail – It’s Kind of a Big Deal

how to groom a horse for beginners

In addition to a wide-tooth comb, several other items will help ensure beautiful hair. First, a tail conditioner is needed to soften the hair. Make sure to run your hand gently through the tail to help loosen any major knots and kinks.

Next, holding the bottom of the tail, gently begin to comb upwards. The more course the hair, the more tangles there are, and adding an excellent detangler to the mix will help solve this problem.

How to Groom a Horse for Beginners – Step 3

Now we’re getting into a really sensitive area. The horse’s hooves. You really need to be careful. If you don’t have a good relationship with your horse, he may not comply. So read below how to gingerly clean your horse’s hooves. 

Cleaning Hooves – Not As Scary As You Think

This step requires a bit of patience as you’ll need to have your horse lift its legs so that you can pick and condition its hooves. To do this, you’ll first need to establish a positive connection between you and the horse.

Hopefully, you’ve been establishing a positive connection with your horse all along so that he’s not alarmed by what you’re asking him to do.

Next, you’ll want to run your hand slowly down the horse’s leg and gently squeeze its ankles. This lets the horse know that you want it to lift its hooves. Then, using a hoof pick, begin digging out the dirt. Finally, apply a small amount of hoof conditioner depending on how brittle they are.

Keeping the horse’s feet moisturized is vital. Otherwise, the hoof wall will dry up.

How to Groom a Horse for Beginners – Step 4

Now, you say, what about the face? No grooming session is complete without a face wash. Gently wash around your horse’s eyes, face, behind the ears, and dock area (by the tail) using two damp washcloths (one for the front and the other for the behind).

How to Groom a Horse for Beginners – Step 5

Don’t Forget the Horsefly Spray

Last but not least, it’s now time to apply the horsefly spray. Flies are pesky little things, and they can be a nuisance to both the rider and horse. The latter is particularly true during the hot and sticky times of the year.

So, when finished with the grooming process, spray your equine down with some horsefly spray to help prevent your horse from getting bitten. 

Super Important – Never, Ever Stand Behind a Horse!

Whether you are a seasoned rider or a brand-new equestrian, it’s necessary to consider the potential dangers. Always groom your horse from the side and never from behind. A bonus is to touch your equine regularly while tail-grooming as a friendly reminder that you are still nearby.

how to groom a horse for beginners

Now You’re All Set and Ready-to-Go

Now that you have the basic steps in grooming a horse, it’s time to put them into action. It takes practice before getting into a proper grooming routine. But patience is your friend. And in no time, this daunting task will become a soothing therapeutic session for both you and your horse.

By the way, now that your horse is groomed, you’ll want to keep your saddle cleaned too! Don’t know how? Then, read my post, How to Clean a Western Saddle. Was this post helpful to you? Please leave your comments below. I love hearing from my readers.

Cashel Trail Saddle Used – But is it High Quality?

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Cashel trail saddle used

A Cashel Trail Saddle used, should be music to everyone’s ears. The problem is, they usually sell out fast. Why? Because Cashel saddles, even the used ones, are high-end saddles. They’re made with the highest quality materials. Their saddles last a long time.

What Does Cashel Specialize In?

Cashel saddles are made to be safe, convenient, and, above all, affordable. The company specializes in everything you’d need to enjoy any pleasure that stems from horses. From saddlebags to boot scrapers, they make just about everything.

Their products are built for the comfort of both horse and rider, excelling at both. And the prices aren’t bad, either.

When it comes to enjoying nature, a Cashel saddle helps. Anyone can be a professional horseperson with these saddles’ prices. But if you’re looking to save, a used saddle is definitely the way to go.

Pros of Owning a Cashel Saddle Used

Owning a used Cashel saddle won’t just save you money.

You’ll save the time it would take to break in the saddle. You’ll save yourself from being sore or oiling the new saddle until it’s worn in enough to accommodate your body. You’ll save your horse from feeling the stiffness of new leather on its body.

Sound good? Then here’s a deal for you. But you’d better hurry before it’s gone!

16 Inch Used Cashel Trail Saddle chCT *Free Shipping*


TREE MATERIAL: Fiberglass Covered Wood
SEAT SIZE: 16 Inch
SWELL WIDTH: 11-1/2″
HORN SIZE: 3″ x 2-1/2″
RIGGING: In Skirt Single Dee
HARDWARE: Stainless Steel
WEIGHT: Approx 32 lbs

A new Cashel Trail Saddle that comes off the rack is beautiful – and comfortable. It has a double-padded seat to give riders extra comfort. The fenders are positioned to give the rider more stability. A larger cantle helps rider and horse through the long trail rides.

If you’re on the lookout for a saddle that’s built better than most and comes with a variety of options, this saddle is for you. Trail and endurance riders can rest assured that they’ll get the best of both worlds with a Cashel trail saddle. It’s a great investment, but it does cost.

If you’re getting a new one, the prices start around $2,500.

Not ready to spend that kind of money on a trail saddle? Consider a used one.

Why Should You Buy a Cashel Trail Saddle Used?

There are quite a few things going for used saddles. The costs are lower, so you can usually find higher quality brands for cheaper prices. You’ll also avoid depreciation. That’s right. Just like your car, new saddles lose value as soon as they’re bought.

You won’t have to wait for the saddle to be made. The only wait time associated with a used saddle is the time it takes to ship.

Biggest Advantage of Buying Cashel Trail Saddle Used?

Here’s the real kicker:

Trusted websites and sellers will usually give you a free try before you buy kind of deal on used saddles. Because of this, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting the second you ride in it. That means there isn’t any waiting to let the saddle settle or break in to know exactly what it’ll be like for both you and your horse.

When the term “trusted websites and sellers” is used, it’s used for a reason.

Buy Used Saddles That Are Trusted Brands

One way to make sure your used saddle is a good investment is to make sure that the seller is one who operates in good faith. Buy used saddles that are trusted brands. Look at the seller’s reviews, and make sure the prices line up with similar sellers.

Look over the saddle when it arrives to make sure there’s no damage.

Has The Used Saddle Been Oiled and Cleaned Well?

That’s one more selling point for used saddles like the one linked above. The saddle posted here has been through a rigorous process to get it to you. This includes a thorough cleaning, oiling, inspection, measuring, and other steps that are meant to guarantee the saddle is worthy of your purchase. You get all that – and it comes with free shipping.

As you can see, a used Cashel Trail Saddle is worth every penny, especially from a trusted seller.

Did you enjoy this post? Hopefully, the above saddle isn’t sold out. But if it is, you can always take a look at my Cashel Trail Saddle Reviews post and buy one of those.

How to Clean a Western Saddle – Don’t Destroy Your Saddle

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how to clean a western saddle

How to clean a western saddle, if you own one, is something you definitely need to know. Without proper care, normal wear and tear from use, and the environment it’s kept in, your leather saddle will degrade.

And if you ignore your saddle too long, it will eventually reach a point where cleaning and conditioning won’t be able to salvage it.  So, when you’re tempted to put your mud-splattered, sweat-stained saddle back on the rack and leave the barn, don’t.

It won’t take a lot of time to clean off the grime. When cleaned regularly, doing so will add years to the life of your saddle. So here are some tips on how to clean your Western Saddle.

Reasons for Regular Cleaning

It’s worth the time and nominal cost to keep leather clean and conditioned. You want to take care of your saddle because:

  1. A good saddle is an investment. Quality saddles aren’t inexpensive. You’ll want to protect your investment.

  2. Your saddle will last many years.

  3. A well cared for saddle will retain value.

  4. Cleaning and maintaining will keep a saddle safe to use. Cracked leather is dangerous and cannot be restored.

When Should You Clean

It depends on how frequently you ride and the conditions.

If you only ride under optimal conditions and you’re riding once a week, you should clean your saddle every month. Two months at the most. But when riding more often, you’ll want to clean your saddle each week.

However, other factors will make cleaning your saddle necessary.

  • If you get mud on your saddle, remove it immediately with a damp (not wet) towel.

  • Horse sweat is damaging to leather. Never leave sweat on your saddle. Clean it right away.

  • If your saddle gets wet (rain or crossing a body of water), clean it immediately. Water may mark the leather if it isn’t cleaned. Allow it to air-dry (drying time will depend on how wet the saddle got).

When the leather is almost dry, apply a small amount of conditioner. The leather will need to be completely dry before you can thoroughly condition it.

  • Clean immediately if you find mold (a white or greenish powder) on your saddle. To clean off mold, mix one part rubbing alcohol and one part water. Then wipe mold off the leather. You’ll want to condition after cleaning because rubbing alcohol is drying to leather.

  • Clean and condition if the leather becomes dry. If a saddle becomes dry and isn’t cared for it will eventually crack. Cracked leather is dangerous and should never be used. It can’t be repaired and should be replaced immediately.

Additionally, clean your saddle if you’re going to:

  • Sell it
  • Compete in it
  • Put it in storage

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Saddle soap – the best is glycerin-based and retains moisture. Saddle soap can be a liquid or paste. Paste can fill crevices, requiring a toothbrush or cotton swabs to remove it.

  • A small bucket (or other container) for warm water.

  • Make sure they aren’t abrasive.

  • Leather conditioner – when needed. Do not over condition. Leather can lose rigidity when over conditioned. Use it sparingly. Lanolin, a product of sheep’s wool is a waterproof moisturizer. Neatsfoot oil can also be used before conditioning, but some leather can darken, so be aware of that possibility, and make sure it doesn’t contain mineral oil, which is not good for a saddle. Neatsfoot oil should be pure and not an oil blend. After oiling and the leather has dried, then use a conditioner.

  • Soft towels (3 or 4).

  • A still bristle brush

  • Toothbrush for hard to reach spots.

Cotton swabs (optional)

How To Clean A Western Saddle Tip #1

If you have an air compressor, you can blow out dust and grit from hard to reach places. When grit is left between pieces of leather, it will rub and cause damage. You want to get as much of it out as possible.

Use a brush to clean any fabric parts.

Suede can be refreshed with a stiff brush. Don’t do this too often or with too much force as you will damage the suede. If it doesn’t come clean, you can use a suede cleaner.

How To Clean A Western Saddle Tip #2

Remove any mud accumulated around stirrups. Use a stiff brush to remove as much as you can. You may have to scrape some of it off.

Dampen a towel, make sure it isn’t too wet. You don’t want to get the leather wet. And wipe off the saddle. Don’t skip this step even if it looks clean. You don’t want to grind gritty dust particles into the leather.

Note, always read and follow all directions on cleaning products you aren’t familiar with.

Take a damp sponge and work up a lather with the saddle soap. If this is the first time you’re going to clean the saddle, try the soap in an inconspicuous spot. Some cleaners, especially all-in-one cleaners, can change the leather’s color.

how to clean a western saddle

How To Clean A Western Saddle Tip #3

Clean leather with small circular motions. Rinse the sponge often and re-lather. Change the water frequently. You can’t clean something by putting dirt back on it.

Start with the seat and work your way down to the stirrups. Clean all leather parts. Make sure you clean beneath flaps and all parts of stirrup leather.

If the stirrups are covered in rawhide, you’ll need to use a rawhide cream to clean and condition them. Never get oil on rawhide.

How To Clean A Western Saddle Tip #4

Once you finish cleaning, make sure you don’t leave any residue on your saddle. Clean off any remaining soap with a damp towel.

Use a toothbrush or cotton swabs to remove soap from crevices or tooling if it doesn’t wipe out.

Some More Tips…

When all of the leather has been cleaned and no residue remains, wipe it down with a dry towel.

Clean any conchos on your saddle. If they’re so tarnished they need polish, you’ll have to take them off the saddle. Never get silver polish on your saddle. It will remove the color from the leather.

Make sure to clean the girth. Pick out anything that has become lodged in it and brush off mud.

Don’t Over Oil Your Saddle

Oiling shouldn’t be overdone. Don’t do it more than once or twice a month. Too much oil will saturate and damage leather. Make sure the leather is dry. Use a light coat of oil. Only use products that are not made of animal or vegetable oil.

Those can get on the stitching and turn rancid – which may rot the stitching.

Don’t Over Condition Your Saddle

You won’t need to condition as frequently as cleaning. You will need to condition more often in dryer climates. Conditioners work best if the leather is slightly damp. Don’t use too much. An excess can result in the conditioner soaking all the way through the leather and causing damage.

Don’t leave residue from the conditioner. Buff with a clean towel until no residue remains.

Brush the Underside Fleece

Brush the underside fleece…but be gentle. Don’t rip stiff bristles through the fleece, or you may damage it. You just want to remove any debris caught it in and fluff it a tad. Fleece should be handled with care.

Important Points to Remember

  • Always let saddles air dry. This is super important. Don’t dry a saddle in direct sunlight or with a heat source (such as a heater or hair dryer). Saddles placed in direct sun or next to heaters can become unsafe to use.

  • Leather needs to breathe. Only use products made specifically to clean leather. You don’t want to clog the pores.

  • Pick an all-in-one cleaner and conditioner with care. Some can damage leather over time. Some may discolor leather. Always test for color-fastness in an inconspicuous place.

  • Don’t stack saddles. Store each one on a rack. Saddles are best kept in a climate controlled environment. Leather exposed to excessive moisture can mold. Leather stored in too much heat can crack.


Cleaning and conditioning your saddle is the most important thing you can do to keep it in great shape.

No matter what type of riding you use your saddle for, maintaining it will keep it looking good and you won’t have to worry that it has become degraded and is no longer safe to use.

Regular care is a simple way to ensure the saddle you wanted, and paid good money for, will serve you well for many years to come. Would you like tips on how to navigate wintery trails? Read my post, How to Dodge These Scary Winter Horse Trail Riding Hazards.

Was this post helpful to you? If so, please leave your comments below. I love hearing from my readers!

All Around Work Saddles – The All-in-One Special Saddle Gift

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All around work saddles
What are all around work saddles great for? If you have dreams of racing your horse in the Kentucky Derby and watching him gallop around the racetrack at breakneck speeds, you’d do well to have a thoroughbred. However, if you just need help moving large numbers of sheep across your farm, a simple draft horse will do. In other words, the type of horse should match its function. Likewise, when shopping for a horse saddle, its function should be your main consideration before whipping out your Visa Card. This short post is about the features and functions of the All Around Work saddle.

The Function of the All-Around Work Saddle

The All-Around Work saddle is made for heavy-duty, long hours of work on a ranch or farm. Its features are perfect for a wide range of ranch and cowboy work. These saddles tend to be large and pretty heavy.

How Are All Around Work Saddles Made?

All-Around Work saddles are usually made with a strong, wooden tree because they have to withstand the pressures of roping and pulling. Ranch work usually requires long hours in the saddle. So the All-Around Work saddle is made to endure while being comfortable to ride in.
All around work saddles

Features of the All-Around Work Saddle

The All-Around Work saddles have flatter seats than other Western saddles to allow the rider to move and adjust easily. The seats are often padded and made of suede to grip the rider and help the rider stay on the horse. Here are more features: Close Contact Skirting – to help with leg cues Reinforced Rigging – for light roping Tough Wooden Tree – to withstand the pressures of pulling and roping Strong High Horn – This horn is made higher so the rider can securely hold on
All around work saddles
There are many different brands that carry All-Around Work saddles, and these saddles, although high-quality, can be very inexpensive – especially if you buy a used one. One of my favorites is the Billy Cook Ranch saddle. I’d love to hear your experience with the All Around Work saddle.  Please leave your comments below! Shalisha

Barrel Racing Saddles – The Best Special Gift Ever

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barrel racing saddlesWhat are barrel racing saddles? Before I answer this question, you need to know what barrel racing is.  Barrel racing is a rodeo event wherein a horse and its rider ride around a clover-leaf pattern around 3 barrels.

The goal is to finish riding around the clover-leaf pattern in the quickest possible time without knocking over any of the 3 barrels.

In order to accomplish this goal, the horse and rider need to be in perfect sync when making these tight turns. And barrel racing horses need to be agile, strong, fast and smart enough to maneuver the course. Most importantly, in order to compete in this sport, you’ll need a high-quality Western barrel racing saddle.

Barrel Racing Saddles – Light Weight to Shave Seconds off Your Time

Traditional Western saddles tend to be heavy.  But the barrel racing saddle is purposely designed to be lighter in weight in order to shave seconds off your time when barrel racing.  It’s also the smallest version of western saddles.

The skirts are rounded, and the rigging is typically in the skirt, which also accounts for the lightness of this saddle. During barrel racing, security of the saddle is important. So let’s take a look at the security features of the barrel racing saddle.

Barrel Racing Saddles – Deep Seat for Rider Security

Security of the rider in the seat is paramount during a barrel racing saddle sporting event. The manufacturers of the barrel racing saddle have designed a deep seat and high cantle in order to secure the rider during high speeds and tight turns.

The cantle is the back portion of the saddle seat. It provides backrest and support. It not only helps keep the rider anchored in the seat, but it anchors the bars of the saddle tree. (The saddle tree is a frame around which a saddle is built.) Ostrich leather is commonly used as a seat and skirt accent, which can provide extra grip.

During tight turns, the rider needs to be able to hold on to the horn. Unlike traditional Western saddle horns, the barrel racing saddle horn is thinner, so the rider can hold on to it during tight arcs.

Barrel Racing Saddles – Rider Grip Security

barrel racing saddles

Western saddles are manufactured with several components that make the saddle both functional and effective. It’s crucial for you, as the rider, to understand the parts of a saddle and its function in order to determine the right saddle to buy and what size.

The Pommel or Swell The pommel, or swell, is the part of the saddle where the bars of the saddle’s tree come together at the front of the saddle. It serves as a base for the saddle horn. In the barrel racing saddle, the pommel of the saddle is higher in order to ensure that the rider’s seat is secure.

Rough-Out Jockey and Fenders While the pommel of the saddle is high to ensure rider security, the rough-out jockey and fenders on the barrel racing saddle are to keep the rider’s body from coming into contact with the saddle’s rigging while riding – which aids in the rider’s grip.

Barrel Racing Saddles – Stirrups Provide Better Grip

Most of the barrel racing saddle features are designed with the rider’s security at high speeds in mind. For instance, the stirrups tend to be designed narrower to provide better grip of the rider’s feet. It keeps the rider’s feet in place and keeps it from coming dislodged during the jockeying.

Fenders The fenders in a barrel racing saddle are designed to be free-swinging. It gives the rider freedom of motion while allowing the rider to remain centered in their seat during violent movement of the horse.

Cinch During barrel racing, as with all horse riding, but especially barrel racing, the back cinch is used to ensure that during high speeds, your saddle doesn’t ride forward on the horse.  In addition, a breast collar is used to stop the saddle from sliding off the sides of the horse’s barrel.

Flashy Barrel Racing Saddles

Although lots of men indulge in barrel racing, it really is a female-dominated sport. That’s why barrel racing saddles tend to be flashy. Bold colours are commonly used, such as purple, blue, pink and green. Oftentimes, barrel racing saddles tend to be accented with crystals, conchos, silver studs, and inlay.

So if you’re considering buying a barrel racing saddle, make sure you take into account all of the features and designs that are available.  Billy Cook has beautifully crafted barrel racing saddles at affordable prices.

Have you bought a barrel racing saddle? If you’re still on the fence about which barrel saddle to buy, check out the Pozzi Barrel Saddle Sale. We’d love to hear your comments on purchasing a barrel racing saddle. Feel free to drop your comments below. 

Cutting Horse Saddles – Pay Zero Down Now

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cutting horse saddleWhat is a cutting horse saddle, and what’s it used for?  A cutting horse saddle is designed to be used for separating a single steer, cow or calf from the herd.  “Cutting” can be used as a sport or a job.

Depending on what you’ll be doing, you’ll either be using what’s called “ranch cutters” (working saddles) or “cutters” which refers to competition saddles.

In either case, the saddle you’d use is called a cutting saddle.  The main function of this saddle is to maximize the rider’s ability to balance himself during quick starts, stops and turns on the job or competition.

Features and Benefits 

All saddles are made for riding.  But because you’ll be steering cattle, or competing, you’ll need certain features that will enhance the functionality of your cutting horse saddle.  Trying to steer cattle means you’re in for quite a wild ride.

Here are the features and benefits of the cutting horse saddle that will keep you secure during your ride. 

  • Tall Thin Horn – for easy hand grip
  • High, Wide and Straight Swells – designed to hold the rider in the seat during sharp turns
  • Flat, Long, Smooth Seat – allows for maximum manoeuvring
  • Rough-Out Jockeys and Fenders – for better grip
  • Forward Hung and Free-Swinging Fenders – allows the rider to stay balanced and dig deep during the horse’s sharp stops and turns
  • Narrow, Slim Stirrups – designed to keep the boot sturdily in place
  • Low Cantle – a low cantle means it won’t hit the rider in the back
  • Double Rigging – front cinch and flank cinch keeps the saddle from slipping forward

 A Word About Double Rigging Feature

Cutting saddles have double rigging –front cinch and flank cinch. The cinch is not a decorative accessory for your Western saddle.  It’s a crucial safety piece. Its function is to stabilize your saddle by attaching, with the help of rear billets and a leather hobble strap, to the front cinch.

The back cinch keeps your saddle snuggly in place and level to your horse’s barrel – alleviating pressure to his withers because the saddle won’t shift forward during maneuvers. A back cinch isn’t usually used in certain riding, like Western pleasure trips.  But for events such as reining, hilly trail riding, and cattle events, the back cinch is essential.

Versatile Means Economical

Because the cutter horse saddle is versatile, it makes it economical to own. Not only can you use this saddle for cutting, but this saddle is a great choice for training, penning events and even reining.

Why? Because all of these activities require close contact and movement with the saddle by the rider in order to stay out of the horse’s way.

What to Look For When Buying a Cutting Saddle

So, what should you look for when buying a cutting saddle?  Look for a low cantle with a high pommel and horn.  You’ll want a flat seat with a slightly raised pommel.

You’ll also want a good suede seat, roughout-jockeys and fenders so that when your horse makes sharp cuts, you’ll stay firmly in place.  Lastly, look for reinforced rigging and reinforced leather wear straps on the skirts.

If you want even more affordable cutting saddles, try buying a used cutting saddle.

Have you bought a cutting saddle?  Can’t afford one yet? Try our consignment program. Zero down. Click here 

Draft Horse Saddles – For Hard to Fit Horses

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What are draft horse saddles? Why were they made?  What are their features? Before I answer those questions, I need to first explain who/what they are made for.  Draft horse saddles are made for draft horses.

The Draft Horse

draft horse saddles
The draft horse is a large, stocky, heavy horse.  Initially, they were bred to perform farming work.  Work such as plowing, hauling and driving are all part of a draft horse’s duties. Draft horses are considered the original “workhorse.” There are a wide variety of draft horse breeds, the most common being the Clydesdale, Belgium, Shire, and Percheron.  These breeds vary in characteristics such as size and color.

Size of Draft Horse

draft horse saddles
Draft horses are tall and have a muscular build. They can weigh anywhere from 1400 to 2000 pounds.  The shoulders are more upright than the average horse in order to pull heavy loads. Most notably, the draft horse has a very broad shoulder and a short back.  So, the average Western saddle won’t do.  This horse needs what’s called a draft horse saddle.

 Draft Horse Versatility

draft horse saddles
Because draft horses have easygoing temperaments, they have become versatile breeds.  So, they’re used for many different purposes such as:
  • Farming
  • Showing
  • Logging
  • Pleasure/Trail Riding
Recently, draft horse breeds have been crossbred with lighter breeds such as thoroughbreds, to create a lighter draft crossbreed. These crossbreeds can be found in a variety of show rings such as:
  • Western Pleasure
  • Western Dressage
  • Jumping
  • Eventing
  • Driving
Since these draft crossbreeds have grown in popularity, saddleries have started making saddles to accommodate these larger crossbreeds.  Hence, draft horse saddles.

Draft Horse Saddle Features 

Draft saddles come in a variety of styles, the most common of which is the trail/pleasure Western saddle.  This trail/pleasure saddle features extremely comfortable seats. Gullet Size Draft horse saddles are made specifically with your draft horse or draft cross breed in mind.  With wide horses, the gullet is made wide.  However, due to its very broad back and shoulders, the gullet is made much wider for the draft horse. The reason typical saddles won’t do is because of the pinching that occurs, which is very painful for the horse.  Also, a wider gullet will allow freedom of motion of the horse’s shoulders. Importance of Shoulder Movement In order for a horse to do its job, such as cut cows, extend the trot, or jump fences, its shoulders must be allowed a complete range of motion. And since the shoulder blade is covered with cartilage, a pinching saddle will shear off this cartilage – which enables the shoulder to glide beneath the muscles that overlay it.
draft horse saddles
This wider saddle will prevent pinching that can occur with a typical Western horse saddle. Your horse will benefit from the wider gullet that allows for freedom of movement for their shoulders. Seat & Rigging Draft horse saddle seats are well padded in order to provide comfort for the rider during long trail/pleasure rides. Rigging is contingent upon the style.  However, typically, rigging is in the 7/8 position in order to avoid the saddle slipping forward. In order to keep the saddle positioned correctly on your horse’s back, a breast collar and back cinch are used.  This is especially useful if your draft horse is very round and has very little wither. Depending on the saddle style, the horn, cantle, fenders, stirrups and skirt are going to vary.  To demonstrate this, below are some draft horse saddles with different features. This first draft horse saddle is built on a rawhide covered tree and is extra wide. Colorado Saddlery’s The “XXL” Trail
draft horse saddles
This beautiful, stylish saddle is lightweight (35 pounds) and extremely comfortable.  It’s a full leather saddle, and perfect for your extra-large horse. Tree Material Rawhide-covered tree Special Features Short “Pigeon Wing” skirt (for short-coupled horse), 8-inch gullet, draft bar, 3-way rigging, seats 15”, 16” and 17” double padded and contoured, leather Cheyenne Roll with Crupper Ring, Rawhide coat-covered tree, fleece-lined breast collar Weight: 35 pounds Price: $1,599.00  This next horse saddle is built on a fiberglass covered tree. 17.5″ Big Horn Draft Horse Saddle 1683
draft horse saddles
This saddle, built on a 17.5’ seat, is by Big Horn is specifically designed for draft horses and draft crossbreeds.  It’s built on fiberglass-covered wood draft horse tree. Tree Material Fiberglass-covered wood draft horse tree. Special Features Dual Density Memory Foam, long leather strings, solid brass rings, 4” Cheyenne Roll Cantle Weight:  30 pounds Price: $1,273.00 Lastly, we’ll look at a very lightweight, Fabtron Draft Horse Saddle  16″ 17″ Fabtron Draft Horse Saddle 7182 7184
draft horse saddles
The Fabtron saddle is a customer favorite. It’s also considerably less expensive than the other two above-mentioned saddles. This particular saddle is extra wide to fit your broad horse. It’s built on fiberglass tree, with an extra-wide 7.5-inch gullet.  It’s finished in a beautiful brown, full-grain leather with premium lightweight nylon, which makes it light. Tree Material Fiberglass-covered wood tree Special Features Extra wide gullet (7.5 inches), leather padded seat (when the seat is on the saddle, it sits ½ inch bigger than the size), 7/18 double rigging, extra heavy stainless steel dees, Cordura skirt fenders (easily wipe clean with damp cloth) Weight: 22 pounds Price: 778.50 There are so many more draft horse saddles made by other saddle manufacturers in a variety of styles and trees.  I hope this article helped you to understand what draft horse saddles are and what they’re used for. If this article was helpful, please leave your comments or questions below.

Endurance Saddles

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What is an Endurance Horse Saddle?  Before I answer that question, let me explain what endurance riding is.  Endurance riding is a worldwide competition equestrian sport involving long-distance racing.  This equestrian sport challenges distance, terrain and stamina of the horse and rider.



Two Types of Endurance Riding

There are two types of long-distance riding in this sport – competitive trail riding and the endurance riding. The competitive ride covers a distance of approximately 15 to 40 miles per day.   It occurs over the course of 1 to 3 days. The ride is fast-paced and timed, which means you have to complete the ride within the specified time to avoid penalty points.

The endurance ride takes place over 50 to 100 miles in distance in one day. It can take between 10 and 12 hours.  It’s a race ride, and it definitely challenges the stamina of the horse and rider.  Hence, the word “endurance” is used in this sport.

The Arabian horse breed is usually used in this sport, but any breed can participate.  Arabian Endurance Saddles are often used in this sport.  Because the horse and rider are required to travel long distances and stamina is needed, this sport calls for an endurance riding saddle.

Features and Benefits

So, what is an endurance riding saddle made of, and how do the features benefit the rider and horse? First, because manufacturers understand the sport connected to the saddle, they’ve specifically built the endurance saddle with durability and rider comfort in mind.

Light Weight – In order to be competitive, the rider needs a saddle that is light in weight, durable for long distance rides that contain rough and steep terrain. It’s built to allow close contact between rider and horse for better communication. A lighter saddle means the horse’s back will be comfortable during the ride.

Heavily Padded Seat

Because the rider will be riding long distance, the seat for an endurance saddle needs to be comfortable. So, the seats are heavily padded (some seats are designed with memory foam).

Low or No Horn – To avoid impaling the rider’s stomach or interference when standing, jumping over obstacles, the endurance saddle either has a short horn, or no horn at all.

Rounded Skirt – Endurance saddles tend to have rounded skirts, which helps keep the saddle lightweight.

Center Rigging – Centerfire rigging prevents the saddle from tipping forward during the rough ride.  A back cinch and breast collar are also used to help keep the saddle stable and in the correct position.

Stirrups – Because there’s a lot of shock to the knees, ankles and back during an endurance ride, the stirrups are lightweight and deep. They feature thick closed cell foam pad on the tread, which provides shock absorbency and comfort to the ankles, knees, and back.  They’re also made with an extra wide surface to ensure that the weight of the rider is distributed evenly around the foot (as opposed to a narrow band in standard stirrups).

 Extra Leather Strings – The endurance saddle will have extra strings and d-rings in order to allow for extra gear to be secured to the saddle.


So, if you’re in the market for a really good endurance saddle, visit the Horse Saddle Shop, where you can buy new and used endurance horse saddles. Do you have a particular brand of endurance horse saddle you use?

Please leave your comments below.  As always, I love hearing from my readers!

Ranch Saddles

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What are ranch saddles, and what are they used for?   A rancher’s job is to raise sheep and cattle.  Sometimes they raise bison, elk, ostrich and emu.  In order to raise livestock, ranchers need horses.  And their ranch horses need a particular type of saddle. 

Hence, ranch saddles.

Qualities of Ranch Saddles

 Unlike other saddles for specific equine events, ranch saddles are not for short bursts of competition. Ranch saddles are heavy-duty saddles made for long hours working on a ranch.

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Reining Saddles

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Reining saddles are used in the Western riding competition called “Reining”. The sport calls for the rider to guide the horse through precise patterns of spins, circles, and stops.

What’s involved in a Reining competition?

The rider gives the horse cues during the lope, which is a slower version of the canter, or he gives the horse cues during the gallop.

Reining is described as the Western form of dressage riding because it requires the horse to be responsive to and in tune with the rider.

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Used Barrel Racing Saddles

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If you’re looking for a saddle that will help you shave seconds, win the jackpot, provide comfort for you and your horse, and more importantly, won’t cost you an arm and a leg, you’ll want to take a look at an array of used barrel racing saddles from The Horse Saddle Shop.

These used barrel racing saddles feature high cantles with deep pocket suede seats to hold you in your seat.  There’s also a ridge around the back seat (hip hugger). The skirts are shorter with in-skirt rigging to make a lighter, less bulky saddle.

Savings By Buying Used

There is a wide range of benefits that come from buying used barrel racing saddles as they come at a cheaper price, which means they can fit any budget. Also, buying a used saddle means it’s already broken in.

But how much can you really save?

You can save anywhere from 25%-50% off of used horse saddles.

Should you buy new or used?

That really depends. Used barrel saddles should be considered if you’re an inexperienced rider. But for professional riders you should go for a new barrel saddle.

Different Types of Used Saddles

There are so many different types of used saddles you can buy, like:

  • Used cutting saddles
  • Used Ranch Saddles
  • Used Roping Saddles
  • Used Endurance Saddles
  • Used All-Around Saddles
  • Used Training Saddles
  • Used Show Saddles
  • Used Reining Saddles

Many Different Brands 

When it comes to the brands that barrel saddles come in, there is a wide variety such as:

  • Billy Cook
  • 5 Star Equine
  • Abetta
  • Alamo
  • American Saddlery
  • Bates
  • Big Horn
  • Collegiate
  • Colorado
  • Crates
  •  Dakota
  • Double J
  • Fabtron

And more…

Some used saddles, even though they’re used, will still seem like they cost a lot.  But the quality is so high, and you can rest assured that your saddle has been inspected, you won’t mind spending a little more.

Still, it would be cheaper than buying a new saddle.

Where to Buy Used Saddles

Where can you find the best quality used barrel racing saddles? The Horse Saddle Shop offers a wide variety of brands and types of used and new horse saddles.

Just click here to browse through their wide selection of used Barrel Racing Saddles.

If this post was helpful, please leave your comments below. 

Used Endurance Saddles

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Endurance saddles are designed for long distance endurance riding. Originally, they were used by police and military personnel.  Endurance riding is a worldwide competition equestrian sport involving long-distance racing.

To learn more about Endurance Saddles, read my post on Endurance Saddles.

Endurance saddles are used for balanced and comfortable rides on rough terrains over multiple days. They are designed to ensure free movement to the horse so that it could easily tread through the hilly or rough terrains.

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Used Roping Saddles – Now, Easy to Ride, Broken In Feeling

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used roping saddles
Used roping saddles are one of the most highly sought after used saddles. Why? Because a broken-in saddle is a comfortable saddle. In this post, I’ll show you how to go about choosing the best used saddle. Then, I’ll show you how to find a reputable horse saddle shop that sells used roping saddles. So let’s jump right in.

All Riding Saddles Aren’t The Same

Experienced riders know that just because a saddle suits one riding purpose, doesn’t make it best suited for others. Take, for instance, a roping saddle. Roping saddles are designed to achieve challenging tasks and maximum mobility. These saddles are made with particularly strong trees and horns, which allow riders to easily chase, rope and dally ranch animals by the horn. Unfortunately, saddles are costly. A better option for lots of riders is to buy a used saddle. And that’s what I want to talk about. The benefits of buying a used roping saddle are plenty.

Benefits of Buying Used Roping Saddles

If you’re looking to buy a roping saddle, or any other kind of saddle, I suggest first going for used ones. Why? Because buying a used roping saddle has some great benefits. First, oftentimes, they’re much cheaper than brand new saddles. Second, you get to skip the breaking-in period as used saddles have already been broken-in. Third, you’re assured a high-quality saddle if you purchase the used saddle from a reputable dealer. Lastly, you can buy it on consignment if your dealer offers that program. That means, no money out of your pocket initially. In fact, I know of one such saddle company that offers the following: 90-day Layaway, Saddle Trade-In or Full financing options
used roping saddles
Let’s face it. You’ll have lots of ready choices. No waiting to have your saddle custom made. There are many other types of used saddles available other than used roping saddles. Here’s a list:

Used Ranch Saddles Used Cutting Saddles Used Training Saddles Used Show Saddles Used English Saddles Used Australian Saddles Used Western Trail Saddles Used Reining Saddles Used Endurance Saddles Used All-Around Saddles Used Barrel Racing Saddles

And just as there are many used saddle types, there are many saddle brands as well. Some of these brand names are known for the highest quality saddles – even their used saddles. When it comes to used roping saddles, and other used saddles, the following brands carry used saddles: Big Horn Billy Cook Cashel Circle Y Crates Dakota Double J Reinsman Tex Tan Tucker Wait. Let’s talk about saddle trees for a minute.

The Wood Tree

used roping saddles
The tree is the most important aspect of the saddle. Depending on how it’s constructed and what materials are used, the tree determines how long your saddle will last. So what’s in a tree? Once man decided that riding on a horse using a saddle blanket wasn’t good enough, they started making saddles from wood. Hence, the term “tree”. Even though we’ve made leaps and bounds in technology, wood trees are still serving their purpose. But what covers the wooden parts after they’re formed together is what makes the wooden tree so powerful and useful. What’s a Tree Covered With? Trees are sometimes covered with the following materials: Rawhide Bullhide Canvas Fiberglass Cheesecloth Ralide Flex2 Coverings used on trees strengthen the saddle. Rawhides are the most traditional. 14 Inch Used Colorado Roping Saddle 8277, for instance, has a rawhide covered wood tree. By contrast, the 17 Inch Used Double J Team Roper Saddle 56946 has a fiberglass tree.

The Bars on a Used Roping Saddle

used roping saddles
Bars on a roping saddle, and all saddles, help in weight distribution. Depending on your horse’s back size, bars can be full-quarter, for horses with broad and somewhat flat backs. Or, bars can be semi-quarter, for horses with average backs. Hence, there are medium and wide-sized saddles such as the Cimarron Wide Roping Saddle, Tex Tan Medium Roping Saddle, and more. So, where can you purchase quality used roping saddles? You can buy them by at the Horse Saddle Shop.

Where Can You Buy Used Roping Saddles?

The Horse Saddle Shop is the best place to purchase used roping saddles. They’ve currently sold over 32,000 horse saddles! So no worries. The company is legit. Moreover, there are lots of benefits to buying a used or new saddle at the Horse Saddle Shop.

9 Great Reasons to Buy from The Horse Saddle Shop

1) They have a 2-week Return Policy 2) They offer free shipping for goods over $100 3) Saddle trees and leather are professionally inspected – hence, you’re assured of a high-quality saddle 4) Saddles are oiled and cleaned and are, therefore, in excellent condition 5) Transactions are risk-free 6) They carry several reputable saddle brands 7) Saddle experts will repair and adjust saddles parts as needed 8) The photos on the website have been taken by a professional, so what you see is what you get 9) Guaranteed accurate measurements I’d like to think that’s a very promising package, don’t you? Great! Then don’t dilly dally before someone beats you to the used roping saddle you’re eyeing. Be it medium or wide-sized roping saddles, you’ll be spoiled for brand choice! And you’re more likely than not to find some other saddle type or item that will also come in handy. Happy shopping!

Used Tucker Saddles Sale

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Looking for Used Tucker Saddles sale online?  Tucker Saddles reign supreme when it comes to Trail and Endurance saddles.   But to find a used Tucker saddles sale, you’d have to go searching high and low online.

And even then, you’d have to make sure that the saddled dealer is reputable and that their used saddles have been inspected and oiled.

Now you can own a high-quality endurance or trail saddle without going broke.

Save anywhere from $100 to $300  off Used Tucker saddles at the Horse Saddle Shop.

17.5″ Used Tucker Competitive Wide Trail Saddle 550 ustk4042 17.5″ Used Tucker Wide Endurance Saddle 559 Summit ustk4180 16.5″ Used Tucker Medium Trail Saddle 157 Cheyenne ustk4136
16.5″ Used Tucker Wide Trail Saddle 257 Classic ustk4164 17.5″ Used Tucker Medium Trail Saddle 167 Cheyenne Frontier 17.5″ Used Tucker High Plains Medium Trail Saddle 260 ustk3946
15.5″ Tucker River Plantation Medium Endurance Saddle 146 CLEARANCE 17.5″ Used Tucker Wide Trail Saddle 167 Cheyenne Frontier ustk4040 16.5″ Used Tucker Wide Trail Saddle 257 Classic ustk4164 *Free Shipping*

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Used Barrel Racing Saddles

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If you’re looking for a saddle that will help you shave seconds, win the jackpot, provide comfort for you and your horse, and more importantly, won’t cost you an arm and a leg, you’ll want to take a look at an array of used barrel racing saddles from The Horse Saddle Shop.

These used barrel racing saddles feature high cantles with deep pocket suede seats to hold you in your seat.  There’s also a ridge around the back seat (hip hugger). The skirts are shorter with in-skirt rigging to make a lighter, less bulky saddle.

Savings By Buying Used

There is a wide range of benefits that come from buying used barrel racing saddles as they come at a cheaper price, which means they can fit any budget. Also, buying a used saddle means it’s already broken in.

But how much can you really save?

You can save anywhere from 25%-50% off of used horse saddles.

Should you buy new or used?

That really depends. Used barrel saddles should be considered if you’re an inexperienced rider. But for professional riders you should go for a new barrel saddle.

Different Types of Used Saddles

There are so many different types of used saddles you can buy, like:

  • Used cutting saddles
  • Used Ranch Saddles
  • Used Roping Saddles
  • Used Endurance Saddles
  • Used All-Around Saddles
  • Used Training Saddles
  • Used Show Saddles
  • Used Reining Saddles

Many Different Brands 

When it comes to the brands that barrel saddles come in, there is a wide variety such as:

  • Billy Cook
  • 5 Star Equine
  • Abetta
  • Alamo
  • American Saddlery
  • Bates
  • Big Horn
  • Collegiate
  • Colorado
  • Crates
  •  Dakota
  • Double J
  • Fabtron

And more…

Some used saddles, even though they’re used, will still seem like they cost a lot.  But the quality is so high, and you can rest assured that your saddle has been inspected, you won’t mind spending a little more.

Still, it would be cheaper than buying a new saddle.

Where to Buy Used Saddles

Where can you find the best quality used barrel racing saddles? The Horse Saddle Shop offers a wide variety of brands and types of used and new horse saddles.

Just click here to browse through their wide selection of used Barrel Racing Saddles.

If this post was helpful, please leave your comments below. 

Women’s Western Saddles On Sale Now – Money Back Guaranteed

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Women's western saddles

The Importance of Women’s Western Saddles

Women’s Western saddles have been around along time. That makes sense because 85% of riders are women. But what makes Women’ Western saddles different from other saddles? Well, quite a bit. 
The female anatomy is different than its male counterpart. The seat bones, thigh bones, pelvis, and pubic arch differ in size and position. As such, saddles built for the male physique can create several issues for women when horseback riding. 

Therefore, uniquely designed saddles for women are necessary for a safe riding experience. But what exactly are the specific elements of a woman’s saddle that set it apart from the others? Let’s take a closer look!

Women’s Western Saddles – Not all Bottoms are Built the Same

A saddle, like other seats, is more enjoyable when it’s comfortable. However, unlike other places where we rest our bottoms, a saddle sits on top of an equine. So, the fit must work with the rider to ensure an easy and secure ride. 

women's western saddles

If you look at an image of the female seat bones, you will notice a greater distance when compared to that of a male. The latter is a critical component to consider when designing horseback riding saddles. 

Without the proper support, a female rider will just be struggling to stay on her horse. This is why saddles made especially for women address this potential problem. The seats are wide and made to support the behind.

Women’s Western Saddles – Thigh Bones, Pelvis & the Pubic Arch 

In addition to the seat bones – and equally important – are the female thigh bones, pelvic girdle, and pubic arch. Though the female femur (thigh bone) is not generally as thick as the male femur, the angle to the pelvis is far greater. 

Unlike the saddle seat that should be wide, a female saddle twist should not. A proper saddle twist size is determined based on the distance between the thigh bones. 

Traditionally built for the male body, saddles do not often address the femur differences and push the legs forward. This creates misalignment and puts extreme pressure on the hips, causing significant discomfort and pain.

A proper saddle can correct these issues. It can also prevent the pubic bone from rubbing against the saddle and getting sore.

15.5″ to 16″ Crates Hand-Tooled Ladies Reining Saddle

women's western saddles

List Price: $3,478.80
Our Price: $2,899.00


Full quarter horse bars
Hand-tooled leather details

Available in 15.5″ to 16″ seats, this hand-tooled women’s saddle is popular for competitive reining events. It’s considered a lightweight saddle, weighing only 34lbs, and is priced at $2,899. It also comes in three colors: natural, chestnut, or mahogany.  

But that’s not it—a lower horn and pommel allow for an easy rein. Additionally, this saddle has a lower ground seat which lets the legs hang straight. 
Another noteworthy characteristic is its narrow twist and quarter horse (QH) bars. Full QH bars are great for horses with wider bodies due to the wider angles. Because of this, many customers rave about the saddle’s ability to fit a variety of horses and create the perfect riding posture. 

women's western saddles

What’s My Conclusion?

If you’re looking for a durable saddle that’s comfortable and long-lasting, this saddle is the way to go. Like other women’s saddles, the Crates Hand-Tooled Ladies Reining Saddle is custom made with the female shape taken into consideration.

The seat is flat and not too deep, which prevents the rider from being pushed forward. A correct position relieves back pressure and enables the rider with total control. Chap leather with hand-crafted details gives the saddle a high-end look.

It is also practical and suitable for horses of different sizes. All-in-all, this is a great choice and worth the investment.

Was this review helpful? If you’re looking for another review on reining saddles, read my Reining Saddles review.

Tucker River Plantation Saddle Sale Now – Secure, Comfort

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Have you been looking for a Tucker River Plantation Saddle Sale? Well, you’ve found one.

If you’ve been thinking about an endurance or trail saddle, this Tucker River Plantation Saddle may be the one you’ve been waiting for. And you don’t have to be a distance rider to appreciate this saddle either. Maybe you prefer short rides close to home.

No matter your riding goals, this saddle will serve you well.

Tucker River Plantation Saddle Sale Fact #1 – Comfort

The Tucker River Plantation Saddle is a good choice for gaited and trotting horses. With this saddle, you can cover miles, whether on the trail or a competitive distance ride, in secure comfort and style.

Tucker River Plantation saddles don’t just look good, they’re built to fit you and your horse. And when you’re both comfortable and secure, the partnership you share is even better.

And part of that comfort means a proper fitting saddle made for the rigors of distance riding. A saddle that can stand up to long hours and many miles of riding without making it difficult or causing pain for your horse.

Tucker River Plantation Saddle Sale Fact #2 – Rugged Terrain

Tucker River Plantation Saddle Sale

When you spend hours riding over rugged terrain, not every saddle meets the challenge. This one does.

In fact, this saddle is an endurance or trail rider’s dream come true. When you ride long distances, you don’t want to pile extra weight on your horse, especially if you’re competing in an endurance event. A light weight saddle is a must.

Tucker River Plantation Saddle Sale Fact #3 – Lightweight

Coming in at approximately 21 pounds, the Tucker River Plantation saddle is perfectly suited for distance competition. The tree is fiberglass reinforced DURAhide covered wood, making it light-weight and strong.

And just as important, no matter your horse’s breed, this saddle will fit their build. With the option of an FB (flatter barrel) medium tree width, horses with smaller rib curvature, which is common in Thoroughbreds, Tennessee Walkers, Saddlebreds, and other gaited breeds, will get a proper fit.

A well-fitted saddle means comfort for your horse and a safer ride for you. In addition, this saddle has a narrow twist up front and provides plenty of room. A deep seat pocket ensures a secure, pleasurable ride.

Here’s another great benefit to owning this saddle. If you’re prone to aches and pains in your joints, Ergo Balance stirrups provide maximum support. Your feet are put in a level position, and rubber cushioning for shock absorption decreases fatigue and strain in knees and ankles.

Convenience Matters

Convenience is one of the trademarks of a Tucker River Plantation saddle. You won’t lack for anything you need to carry with you on the trail because this hard-working saddle is well outfitted with rings to attach all your gear.

A choice of fenders allow you to ride in your preferred style of Plantation or English (stirrup leathers for posting). The absence of a horn allows you to ride uphill (when you want to stand in the stirrups and lean forward to aid your horse) and under low tree branches without being jabbed in the stomach.

Skirts are lined with felt for natural shock absorbency that won’t create hard spots like fleece can.
The smooth finish allows easy care. Making cleaning a breeze and not a chore you’re tempted to put off.
And like any quality saddle, this one is made for years of dependable use.


Color: Black, Brown and Golden; Black saddles come with a Black seat; Brown and Golden saddles come with a Brown seat

Tree: Medium, Wide, Extra Wide, FB Medium

Hardware: Tucker conchos with brass or chrome rings

Tooling: Tooled or Smooth

Rigging: In-Skirt Western – Single Front Dee (straight rear dee), Enduro Balanced Single Tie (angled rear dee), Enduro Balanced Double Tie (angled rear dee), Adjustable Position In-Skirt Western (straight rear dee)

Horn: None

Swell: 10 1/2″

Cantle: 5 1/2″

Skirt: 23 1/2″ Round

Weight: Aproximately 21 lbs.

Fender Options: Plantation Fenders or English Stirrup Leathers

Spot Package: Spot Trim, Silver Berry Slotted Conchos, Leather Covered Stirrups, Leather Latigos


The Tucker River Plantation Saddle will be a good addition for any rider. With so many tree options, it will fit most horse breeds. And for those who enjoy hitting the trail or distance competition, it’s clearly a good choice.

If you’re looking for a quality, well-fitting saddle that offers a secure, comfortable ride, you really can’t go wrong with this one. What are you waiting for? Buy it here.

Training Saddles Sale – Slashed Prices, Buy Now

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training saddles sale

“Training saddles sale” are three words every horse person loves to hear. Every horse person needs a saddle. For example, trainers use their saddles for so many different horses. They need a few in their arsenal. Trainers think of saddles as writers think of a laptop. They’re an expense that must be paid to do the job effectively.

Why Jump on a Training Saddles Sale?

Training saddles are a lot like cowboys. They don’t mind the hard work so long as you give them a job, and they’re there when the job needs doing.

Despite their name, training saddles aren’t strictly used for training purposes. Many people use them as trail or work saddles. They aren’t elaborately decorated like a show saddle. However, they do offer the same support and balance to both horse and rider.

The key to a good training saddle is finding one that isn’t hard on the wallet without sacrificing great quality and comfort.

They’re also incredibly versatile. In this case, versatility means these saddles are designed to fit most horses and riders. They also come in at various price points. That’s why it’s important to research the brand before purchasing a saddle.

Below, there are three great training saddles to consider.

Training Saddles Sale #1

15.5″ to 17″ Billy Cook Training Saddle 9030

Training Saddles Sale

List Price: $2,634.00
Our Price: $2,195.00

Up first is the familiar name of Billy Cook. If you’re new to horses, Billy Cook Saddles are one of the most trusted brands in saddles. This is a company that believes in their saddles being an investment. Many people ride in their saddles for a decade before considering buying another one. Because of this, these saddles hold their value and are popular.

The 9030 is a rare “one size fits most” model thanks to the custom options available. Need a saddle for a youth? Want something that will last for years to come? Get a Billy Cook. Many repeat customers come back for this saddle, which speaks volumes.


Quarter horse bars on the tree means it’ll fit most wide horses
Skirt length: 29 inches
Weight: around 36 lbs.

Training Saddles Sale #2

15″ 16″ 17″ South Bend Saddle Co Training Saddle 2387

Training saddles sale

List Price: $1,847.00
Our Price: $1,421.00

The second saddle comes from none other than South Bend. South Bend is a rebranding of the original saddle company Rocking R. They’ve been around since 1970 and are loved by trainers and riders alike.

Now, this training saddle is an Arabian horse owner’s dream. Why? Because it’s made for shorter backed, wide horses. Most saddles don’t come with an 8” gullet with such a short skirt, which makes this saddle a true treasure.

Then there’s the durability. Built with a fiberglass tree, it can sustain anything you throw at it. It’s also a prettier saddle than most training saddles out there with the two-toned design. This makes it more popular as an everyday trail saddle.


Skirt length goes from 26 ¼” to 27 ¾”
Hardware is stainless steel
Weight is around 31 lbs.

Training Saddles Sale #3

15″ 16″ 17″ South Bend Saddle Co Training Saddle 1300

training saddles sale

List Price: $1,653.00
Our Price: $1,271.50

Last on this list is the South Bend 1300. For those who don’t have a horse that’s hard to fit a saddle to, this is the model for you. It’s one of the better price tags you’ll find on a western saddle, and it’s got everything you need in a good one.

Still holding the fiberglass tree, it’s built to withstand the rigors of training. The roughout leather helps a rider grip the saddle and maintain a good seat. Think of it as a wide receiver’s gloves in football. This saddle has all the functionality to help horse and rider prep for a show or just enjoy the trails.


Stainless steel hardware
Skirt length varies from 27 ¼” to 28 ¾”
Weight is around 37 lbs.

So let me ask you… what are you waiting for? Hop on this training saddles sale now. If you want to read more reviews on saddles, read my Kids Western Saddles review.

High End Used Saddles – Fine Saddles, Really Big Discounts

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Looking for high end used saddles?

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? However, they’re no different than used cars. If you get your hands on one that’s been taken care of, you can get a ten-figure saddle for a fraction of the cost. Despite some miles on it. Horses are an expensive hobby or business.

Sometimes, it’s okay to cut corners tighter than a barrel racer.

Whether you’re showing in the main ring, performance, or out on the farm’s trails, a saddle is one of the more expensive pieces to owning a horse. A new saddle can come with a big price tag. However, odds are that it’s poorly made and won’t last long. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

High end used saddles is the answer for a lot of riders.

And the great news is that there are always plenty of deals out there for high end used saddles. Here are a few on the market today.

As the owner of this website, I’ve tracked down special deals for some of the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around.

High End Used Saddles #1

14.5Inch Circle Y Honeysuckle Custom Show FLOOR MODEL

List Price: $3,996
Our Price: $3,330


Equipped with Precision’s equitation tree, which helps position the rider appropriately
14.5” seat size is appropriate for petite riders and youths
Weight: approximately 36 lbs.

Parents who are looking for a high end used saddle for their child should take a long look at this one. Typically, new Circle Y show saddles come in at around $5,000. It’s made with real silver, which means it requires some upkeep.

However, it also means your child will shine in the show ring. From the bling to the beautiful detail, this is a show saddle that would make most equestrians think long and hard.

High End Used Saddles #2

16 Inch Used Dale Chavez Show Saddle *Free Shipping*

List Price: $2,754
Our Price: $2,295


16” seat size fits most riders
Tree size: medium
Stainless steel hardware
Weight: approximately 33 lbs.

Show horse fans will recognize the meticulous craftwork behind a Dale Chavez saddle. Typically, a custom show saddle from this brand costs about $9,000. Take a look at the price tag above again. Dale Chavez has been making saddles for more than 35 years.

And his saddles and buckles have been rewarded as prizes for many top competitions.


High End Used Saddles #3

15″ Reinsman Team Camarillo Barrel Racer 4233, CLEARANCE

List Price: $3,549.15
Our Price: $2,995


Stainless steel hardware
25” skirt length to fit short backed horses
Weight is roughly 26 lbs.

Here’s another used saddle from Circle Y. This one is a barrel racer’s dream. It’s got a high cantle for an effortless forward lean, a great seat jockey to add grip on those tight turns. And so much hand-tooling that covers the saddle.

A fleece-lined skirt gives an extra layer of comfortable protection between your horse and saddle.

High End Used Saddles #4

15.5Inch Used Tucker Horizon Outpost Endurance Saddle 179 *Free Shipping*

List Price: $2,754
Our Price: $2,295


Stainless steel hardware
Skirt length is 24.5”
Weight is about 28 lbs.

Endurance riders know a good saddle is one that will last more than a year. They’re tough on their saddles. Because of this, they’re always looking for a good deal when it comes to a proven name in the endurance saddle world. Look no further than Tucker Horizon.

Tucker Horizon has been making trail and endurance saddles for more than 35 years. This company listens to their customers, some of whom have put more than 10,000 miles on a single saddle. That’s some next level commitment to quality!

high end used saddles

Looking up the price on a new saddle can make you want to vomit.

If you’re showing, you are always trying to fund the next trip around the ring. Take some pressure off your wallet and look around the high end used saddle market. It’s the one part of a horse’s tack you can get by with used.

Was this post helpful to you?

If you’re looking for alternatives to high end saddles, read my Used Western Saddles post where you’ll find different types of used saddles to choose from. And while you may not want to buy a high end used saddle, you can find some really great, high-quality used saddles that a reasonably priced. Just click here.

Big Horn Gaited Saddle Review – High Quality, New Saddles

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big horn gaited saddle review
16″ Fabtron Gaited Horse Saddle 7142 7144

As the owner of this website, I’ve tracked down special deals for some of the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around.

My Big Horn Gaited Saddle Review will show you why Big Horn Saddles are a popular contender for western riders. It’s also a well-known brand in the equestrian industry. Custom built for gaited horses, these saddles work with the horse’s physique to reduce pain and discomfort for your horse. The latter is critical for safe and smooth rides.

Big Horn Saddle Company

I’ve always been a fan of Big Horn’s craftsmanship. Big Horn Saddles are hand-made with careful stitch work and attention to detail. This kind of attention to detail helps deliver a great product, which in return ensures a smooth riding experience.

Traditional saddle-making techniques are often used for these saddles to provide the necessary support and control over the horse.

Big Horn Saddles are durable, and they allow for good flexibility while riding through rough terrain.  Let’s take a look at a specific saddle below.

16″ and 17″ Big Horn Gaited Trail Saddle 4″Cantle with Leather Skirts

big horn gaited saddle review
Big Horn Gaited Trail Saddle 4″ Cantle with Leather Skirts 812

Big Horn Gaited Saddle Review

List Price: $1,571.19
Our Price: $1,309


High quality
Dual-density memory foam 
Temperature resistant 

Although western saddles are best for gaited horses, it is essential to choose one that is made explicitly for the gaited horse in mind. Known for their shorter backs, these horses require a more specific saddle to accommodate their shoulder movements and avoid pinching.

The Big Horn Gaited Trail Saddle is a favorite among customers. In fact, customers note that a significant perk of this product is its comfortable heftiness.

Flexible Tree and Endurance Stirrups for Long-Distance Riding

Saddles, like riders, come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Suitable for riders seeking a seat size of 16 or 17 inches, this Big Horn Gaited Trail Saddle is a popular choice due to its flexible tree with a narrow front and 6.5-inch gullet.

A grain-out, dual-density memory foam seat plus aluminum rubber-padded endurance stirrups makes this a great fit particularly for distance riding. The large foot bed allows for more weight distribution on the feet, which is great for absorbing shock.

The saddle’s in-skirt dropped C-plate, tunnel skirt design, and top-grain leather liner helps to create a no-slip fit which allows the rider to maintain their balance and prevents the horse’s back from getting pinched and sore.

Additionally, the Cheyanne roll is wide and great for gripping and securing items. 

Big Horn Gaited Saddle Review – Long Lasting 

Like other western saddles, the Big Horn Gaited Trail Saddle is heavier in comparison to English saddles, but still considerably light for a western saddle, weighing approximately 24lbs. Larger saddles have a purpose as they allow for more weight distribution and ultimately a more enjoyable ride.

However, horses are not built to bear the weight of a rider.

Therefore, the weight of a saddle is critical to a smooth riding experience. As such, it is equally essential to consider the rider’s weight when choosing a saddle to avoid behavior problems with the horse.

But here’s the silver lining.

Although these saddles may not be as lightweight as other saddles, both the company and customers boast about their long-lasting capabilities. Not only are the Big Horn Gaited Saddles weather-resistant, but once broken-in, they are also wear-resistant, making this an even better investment. 

My Final Thoughts On This Big Horn Gaited Saddle Review

The cost of the 16″ 17″ Big Horn Gaited Trail Saddle 4″ Cantle with Leather Skirts 812 Saddle is $1,309. That’s quite reasonable – considering the hand-crafted precision, resilient quality, and excellent western riding experience it provides.

If you seek stylish and sturdy features as a western rider, then the Big Horn Gaited Trail Saddle may be the right fit for you.

So, tell me, what do you think of my review? If you’re looking for more horse saddle reviews, please read my Big Horn Cordura Saddle Review.


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