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What’s The Best Lightweight Western Trail Saddles for Beginners?

lightweight western trail saddles

What are the best lightweight western trail saddles for beginners? Lightweight Western trail saddles can make or break your trail riding experience for both you and your horse. But, what do we mean by “lightweight”?

A lightweight trail saddle can weigh between 11-15 pounds. It can also weigh between 21-25 pounds. Anything above those weights are not considered lightweight.

No Two Saddles Are Alike

No two saddles are created alike. Many saddles, depending on the company, skimp on quality. So, do your research before plunking down your hard-earned cash on a saddle. Here’s good news though. Circle Y is famous for its high-quality saddles.

It takes into consideration the comfort of both rider and horse. Today, I’d like to show case the Circle Y Creedmoor Flex2 Trail Saddle.

lightweight western trail saddles

List Price: $2,805.00
Our Price: $2,550.00
Color: Walnut, Regular Oil
Seat Color: Black Apache or Black Grainout
Tree: Flex2 SS – Regular or Wide
Hardware: Iron Vine
Tooling: 1/4 TB Flower
Stirrup: Wood Bell
Rigging: 3-Way Adjustable In-Skirt
Swell Width: 14″
Cantle Height: 5″
Cantle Style: 1-1/2″ Leather
Horn Size: 3″ Neck, 2-1/2″ Cap
Skirt Size: 11″D x 26″L
Weight: 27 lbs.

Lightweight Western Trail Saddles – Comfort for Rider and Horse

Let me explain why the Circle Y Creedmoor Flex2 Trail Saddle is a great investment for horse and rider. For starters, it’s made with Flex2 tree. Lightweight Western trail saddles made with Flex2 trees are all about comfort for the rider and horse.

When you’re hitting the trails, comfort is important, especially over rough terrain. You may not feel the pain of riding up and down hills right after a ride. But the next day, your butt will remind you.
Worse, once you dismount, you’ll feel stiffness in your back and legs.

Of course, there are factors that contribute to stiffness in your back and legs after horseback riding, such as:

  1. Poor Posture (Slouched Shoulders)
  2. Leaning Forward During Turns
  3. Hollow Back
  4. Pinching Your Knees Together

But, if you have the right saddle, a saddle that specifically supports your posture, knees and ankles, you can look forward to every trail ride.

Lightweight Western Trail Saddles Stops Horse Suffering

The rider isn’t the only one who suffers from the effects of a poorly built saddle. Your trail buddy will feel it too. And for him, it might be worse. An ill-fitted heavy saddle can cause back pain for your horse, saddle sores, pinching, rubbing, and other aches and pains.

lightweight western trail saddles

When a horse becomes very sore, he may not want to do as you ask.

Worst-case scenario? Your horse may buck and throw you off his back. Can’t really blame him though.
So, you want to find a good, lightweight Western saddle that’ll be comfortable and safe for you and your horse. With the Circle Y Creedmoor Flex2 Trail Saddle, your saddle problems are solved.

Features and Benefits

The Circle Y Creedmoor Flex2 trail saddle checks off all the right boxes for the discerning horseback rider.
First, it features a Flex2 tree. The benefit of owning a saddle made with Flex2 tree is that it provides a rigid ground seat with a dual bar system.

The dual bar system provides the stability the rider needs to stay in the seat and flexibility where it’s needed over the horse’s spine. Moreover, the Flex2 tree is available for riders of all sizes. Best of all, the Flex2 tree has proven over time to fit a wide variety of horses.

Impact Foam Seat – No More Sore Butt

The impact foam seat means your butt will thank you after a weekend of being a trail warrior.

Flex2 Tunnel Skirt – For Your Horse’s Back

Remember I told you in the beginning that a poor-fitting saddle can cause sores on your horse’s back? Well, Circle Y Creedmoor Flex2 trail saddle solves that problem. Flex2 Tunnel Skirt helps provide relief for your horse’s back by creating a channel in the spine area. Less rubbing and sore spots means a happier, safer horse to ride.

But what about rubbing on the horse’s back you ask? A bumpy ride leads to lots of rubbing. I’m happy to tell you that our next feature solves the rubbing problem.

Smoother Ride with Neo-Shock Skirt

The Neo-Shock Skirt on this saddle muffles vibrations, which makes your ride smoother. Horse and rider will both appreciate a reduction of shock from rough terrain. And the skirt conforms to fit the horse.
Who doesn’t like a smooth, comfortable ride? Let’s not forget horses have different confirmations.

Problem solved with this next feature.

3-Way Rigging to Fit Different Horse Conformations

Horses come in all shapes and sizes. With 3-way adjustable in-skirt rigging, you’ll be able to get a perfect fit for your horse no matter his conformation.

My Takeaway….

If you’re in the market for lightweight Western trail saddles and you’re a beginner, look no further than the Circle Y Creedmoor Flex2 Trail Saddles. It’s lightweight and comfortable for you and your horse.
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  • Leahrae says:

    I do ride some when I am at the ranch. But a saddle is always provided for me. I am wondering if it is better for me and for the horse if I have a saddle that is fit for me?

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Leahrae. Thanks for your question. If you’re a regular trail rider, I always recommend having your own saddle. It’s worth the investment. But, if you don’t ride often, then make sure the saddle that’s being provided for you is measured for your size. I hope this helps.

  • Louise says:

    Hi Shalisha

    It’s fascinating to read about the different attributes of these saddles – are they new to the market?

    I haven’t ridden for years but was thinking just the other day that my aunt first rode a horse for her 60th birthday (the lesson was a gift from me – something she had intimated she may want to do someday, lol).

    She loved it and was incredibly brave, her horse was extremely tall (sorry, I don’t recall the measurements) and she was a tiny lady! Her teacher was a mature man who was known as “the horse whisperer” and he was perfect for her too. She even cantered! I was so proud and she was exhilarated by the experience.

    Now I am turning 60 this year, perhaps it is time I returned to the saddle. If I do, how easy would it be for me to begin riding again with a lightweight trail saddle?

    Look forward to your advice.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Louise. Thanks for your comment and your questions. Yes, Circle Y lightweight trail saddles are definitely still on the market. In fact, trail saddles are one of Circle Y’s most popular saddle. Turning 60? Congratulations! Yes I would definitely go for a lightweight trail saddle as it will be easier to lift when hoisting on your horse’s back. When you’re ready to buy, let me know, and I’ll personally assist you.

  • Hi Garren. Lots of good information here on horse saddles. Although I do not ride much, I have friends who have horses and I will share this info.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Joseph. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You may not ride now, but who knows? You may pick up the sport later on down the rode. I hope to see you soon.

  • Garen says:

    My girlfriend had horses growing up and we are planning to get a few horses in a couple of months or so. Is the only benefit of a lightweight saddle that it’s better for the horse? Meaning that it put less stress on them? I want something that is going to last for years and needs to be durable. Also is there some kind of warranty and how long should a saddle last?

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Garen. Thanks for your questions! Lightweight trail saddles benefit the horse in that the less weight on its back, the easier time the horse has moving around. The benefit of a lightweight trail saddle for the rider is that, if it’s a female rider, or a child rider, they will have an easier time mounting the saddle onto the horse. Circle Y has a proven track record of high-quality saddles amongst avid horseback riding enthusiasts. I sell saddles on behalf of the Horse Saddle Shop, and they do give you warranty. They also give you a money back guarantee. A well-made saddle can last a lifetime. Please stop by again.

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