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Tucker Endurance Saddle Reviews – Now Super Affordable

tucker endurance saddle reviews

These Tucker endurance saddle reviews highlight two saddles that define comfort for rider and horse. Let’s start with the Tucker Equitation Endurance Saddle T49 below. Take a look at the specs:

Tucker Endurance Saddle Reviews #1

Tucker Equitation Endurance Saddle T49

List Price: $2,308.90
Our Price: $2,099.00

Color: Golden, Brown and Black
With Black seat and Black knee pads
Seat Sizes: 15 1/2 to 18 1/2
Tree: Medium, Wide, Extra Wide
Hardware: Tucker conchos with brass or chrome rings
Tooling: Smooth
Rigging: English
Fender: English Stirrup Leathers
Horn: None
Swell: 10 1/2″
Cantle: 3 1/2″
Skirt: 24″ Round
Weight: Approx 20 lbs.
Spot Package: Spot Trim, Silver Berry Slotted Conchos, Leather Covered Stirrups, Leather Latigos

Anyone who’s ridden in a Tucker saddle knows the quality and craftsmanship that go into each one. These are no different. It’s not uncommon for owners to recommend their Equitation Endurance saddle to friends and acquaintances who also ride.

Neither is it out of the ordinary for strangers to ask about Tucker saddles when they see others using them. They’re good looking. But they have so much more than great looks.

Why An Endurance Saddle?

Whether you compete in distance riding or just love going on super long rides, you need tack made for the kind of miles that leave saddle pads wet and horse and rider tired, but feeling great.

Not all saddles will do that.

Nothing will ruin trekking the trails quicker than a saddle that doesn’t fit or has a seat like a rock. And while an uncomfortable saddle can make the ride miserable and leave you aching, a bad fit is worse for your equine friend.

It can not only hurt your horse, but it can become a safety issue for both of you.

This Tucker is made for miles of comfortable riding. Plus it’s light-weight, and beautiful.
You simply can’t go wrong with this one.

English Riders Will Approve

An English rider looking for a crossover will find a great fit with this saddle. English style stirrup bars allow posting and lots of leg freedom. Ergo-balanced stirrups prevent knee and ankle strain.
Staying in position with a correct, balanced seat is a breeze, and padded flaps and knee rolls help with grip.

You’ll feel secure even on an energetic horse.

A Lot To Offer

The Tucker Equitation Endurance Saddle has much to offer besides comfort and great looks. Lots of choices are available to get the perfect fit for horse and rider as well as the look you want.

A Decision You Won’t Regret

This is a saddle made with quality, workmanship, and pride. You just can’t go wrong with a Tucker endurance saddle. With a track record of happy customers, Tucker knows a thing or two about fitting saddles and making them to last.

You won’t be thinking about replacing this one any time soon.

Tucker Endurance Saddle Reviews #2

Tucker Endurance Trail Saddle T59

Tucker Endurance Saddle Reviews

Tucker Endurance Trail Saddle T59

List Price: $2,308.90
Our Price: $2,099.00
Color: Golden, Brown and Black
Brown and Golden saddles come with an Brown seat
Black saddles come with a Black seat
Seat Sizes: 15 1/2 to 18 1/2
Tree: Medium, Wide, Extra Wide, FB Medium
Hardware: Tucker Conchos with Brass or Chrome Rings
Tooling: Tooled or Smooth
Rigging: In-Skirt Western – Single Front Dee (straight rear dee), Enduro Balanced Single Tie (angled rear dee), Enduro Balanced Double Tie (angled rear dee), Adjustable Position In-Skirt Western (straight rear dee)
Fender Options: Western or Trail
Horn: None
Swell: 10 1/2
Cantle: 3 1/2
Skirt: 23″ Round
Weight: Approx 20 lbs.
Spot Package: Spot Trim, Silver Berry Slotted Conchos, Leather Covered Stirrups, Leather Latigos

Built For Demanding Trails

This super-popular style saddle is meant for long hours of riding in comfort. You’ll be able to take everything you want and need with all the rings on this saddle where English meets Western in one great piece of tack.

The padded seat is a rider’s dream. It’s no coincidence this saddle’s so popular with trail riders.

English or Western Cross

You won’t find a better saddle for hitting the trails regardless of your style preference. Whether you enjoy English or Western, this Tucker’s more than able to give you an experience you’ll appreciate.

Maneuvering rough terrain takes a saddle you’ll feel secure in. And you will with this one. And a lack of a horn will be something western riders will like.

No more being jabbed while leaning forward to clear low hanging branches.

My Tucker Endurance Saddle Reviews Conclusion

If you love riding trails, this saddle won’t disappoint. You’ll cover miles in style and be ready to do it all again the next day. A saddle that won’t leave you and your horse aching from a long ride is what everyone wants.

Because what’s better than going back the next day and doing it again?

And if you’re a weekend riding warrior, you may know from experience, not all saddles will let you do this. One that will is a Tucker. So take on the weekend, or any day of the week. Tucker’s got your back…and you’re horses.

And that’s what it’s all about, fun, comfort, and doing it all again. This is only one of many Tucker endurance saddle reviews. Did you find this post helpful?

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  • Abel says:

    I have seen those that ride in Tucker saddles, and the quality can be seen from afar. Now that I can afford one, I am surprised they cost less than I initially had set apart. Thank you very much for your review. I can not wait to have my Tucker Endurance Saddle.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Abel. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, Tucker saddles are finely made from the highest quality materials. Sometimes, you can catch a really good sale on these babies. I’m glad my review helped you. Please stop by again. If you have any questions on saddle selection, let me know. 

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    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Karalyne. Thanks for your feedback. I’m so glad you found my site interesting, helpful and useful. Please stop by again – and spread the word. 

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