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Fly Masks For Horses with Ears – How to Stop Pesky Flies From Hurting Your Horse

Fly Masks For Horses with Ears

When you see the title of this article, you’re probably thinking, “What does she mean “Fly Masks for Horses with Ears”? Don’t all horses have ears?  

Of course, they do. What my title is trying to convey is that there are fly masks with ears for horses – as opposed to fly masks that don’t have a covering for the horse’s ears.


Okay. Now that we got that out of the way…

When the height of fly season hits, one thing you should consider is fly masks for horses with ears. Flies are an annoyance for any horse. Yours isn’t an exception.

While fly repellants can be very good, they have one big drawback… they only work for a short time.

Then you have to reapply. And if you aren’t there when the repellant fails, your horse is once again vulnerable. A simple fly mask with ear coverings can be a real help for your horse. This article will discuss fly masks with ears for horses.

Your Horse’s Comfort Is The Goal

As horse keepers, our main goal should be the comfort and well-being of our animals. And while it’s true that each horse is an individual, some are bothered by flies more than others. No horse would volunteer to have face-flies dining upon the sensitive skin around its eyes or nostrils.

So, here are the top 3 benefits of owning fly masks with ears.

Fly Masks For Horses with Ears Benefit #1
No More Flies Sitting on Your Horse’s Face

See the picture above?

Now, how would you feel if flies were crawling all over your face, and you couldn’t swipe them off you? You’d be miserable, right? I sure would. As you can see, owning fly masks for horses with ears are essential.

More importantly, here are some things you should know: Not all fly masks are the same. Some provide a basic mesh covering for the eyes. Others cover the eyes, ears, and nostrils. But there’s more than just a physical barrier:

  • Various fly masks provide UV protection from the sun and prevent sunburn on the horse’s face, especially in lighter colored horses.
  • Fly masks with ears are a good choice to keep flies and other annoying insects out of delicate ears.
  • Vision isn’t compromised as the area over the horse’s eyes are made from mesh.

Fly Masks For Horses with Ears Benefit #2
Masks For Your Horse In the Pasture

What if your horse is turned out? Will he lose the mask? It depends. Masks are constructed to stay on the horse. But if your horse is in a pasture with a lot of trees and brush, there’s a possibility you might find a low hanging branch wearing the mask some morning.

Masks will come off before causing harm to a horse that has managed to get his mask caught on something.

If you have an open pasture, it’s doubtful your horse will be sharing his facial garments with anything else. The exception might be a playful pasture-mate pulling a mask off a buddy.

Otherwise, your horse should keep his mask firmly in place until you take it off.

A Mask We Love and Highly Recommend…

We especially love masks with ears. These are great for any horse, but if you’re showing, you have to clip the protective hairs from your horse’s ears. With the longer hairs gone, the ears are an open highway for flies and other pests to be a constant irritation.

And if your horse is especially sensitive to flies, a mask with ears can make life much more comfortable for him.

A fly mask with ears puts an instant stop to an invasion of the ear canal, no matter the reason. This is a mask we absolutely love for the protection it offers:

The Cashel Crusader Premium Fly Mask Standard With Ears CFMSE

It’s made with nylon micro mesh and blocks 70% of UV rays. It has a split top opening to keep your horse comfortable. And it’s designed to stay in place in the stall or on pasture turnout. Double darts help keep mesh from eyes, eyelashes, and temples for a great fit.

You really can’t go wrong with this one.

List Price: $33.00

Our Price: $29.99

Our Horse Fly Mask Conclusion

If your horse is bothered by the summer fly invasion, a fly mask for horses with ears could easily end your horse’s annoyance. We love them. And so do the horses.

Pick one up for your horse, and put an end to the crawling, biting, little minions who take the fun out of summer. 

Hot weather doesn’t have to be accompanied by annoying face flies pestering your horse, keeping him from enjoying the best time of the year. Fly masks for horses with ears can literally set your horse free for the summer.

Was this post helpful? Wondering how to keep your horse safe? Read my post, “5 Horse Barn Safety Rules to Save Your Horse’s Life Now”


  • moretha says:

    We had previously met insects and flies while riding our horses on a trail. I make certain that my horse is appropriately protected. Thank you for providing me with a resource to protect my horse from flies.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Moretha. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad my post is helpful to you. Please stop by again.

  • Sariyah says:

    Hey great post!

    Thanks for this information, I wasn’t aware a product like this existed, it seems like a great idea for me to purchase one since there are many flies around in the summer months. Luckily that many don’t pester my horse however I know it will still prove useful should that time come or for other pesky creatures!

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Sariyah. Thanks for your comment. Yes, fly masks are so much better than spray repellents.  Too many harmful chemicals, especially for humans to be around it. I live in the U.S., so now, we’re going into the Fall season. But it’s always a good idea to buy these fly masks with ears for horses to protect them.  Please stop by again.

  • John says:

    Fly Masks is my go-to for fly repellent for my horses. I live in a farm that often has horse flies and I have never had any problems with them since I started using Fly Masks. If you are looking for quality fly repellents, this is the brand to get! They are about the same price as the other brands, but I think they are worth every penny!

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi John. Thanks so much  for commenting and sharing your experience.  Fly masks for horses with ears are an excellent alternative to spray repellents. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.  

  • Michel Maling says:

    Wow, these are amazing. We had horses growing up on the farm and we had to use fly repellent, which wasn’t very effective.  I don’t think there were fly masks around at that time. Love that they also protect the ears. Was just wondering how long it takes the horse to get used to having the fly mask on, especially one that covers the eyes like this one does?

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Michel. Thanks for your comment.  Unfortunately, fly repellent doesn’t stay on the horse. In addition, it’s harmful if swallowed or inhaled or absorbed through the skin for humans. So I like the fly mask with ears too. I can’t give  you a time frame as to how long it takes the horse to adjust to the mask. But the mask is also see through. So the horse is not blinded by the mask itself. Thanks for stopping by, and please come by again.

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