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Double J Barrel Saddle Sale

A Double J barrel saddle sale is guaranteed to get most barrel racers excited, whether they’re competing at the top or just getting started.

Established in 1991, Double J Saddlery has a decade of experience under its collective saddlery belt which is probably why their saddles are such high quality.

Double J has a selection of barrel saddles available, each of which boasts the sport’s preferred deep seat and high cantle combination. Free-swinging fenders give riders a greater range of motion, allowing them to keep their feet under their center of gravity, even at high speeds.

Double J barrel saddles are designed to give your horse the greatest range of motion while keeping you secure and well-balanced. The result? A new personal best. By the way, if you want to look at another brand of barrel racing saddles, click here to see Big Horn Saddle Review.

The Benefits of Owning a Double J Saddle

Double J Saddlery has spent the past decade dedicated to creating the perfect tree. With its state-of-the-art tree manufacturing system, Double J Saddlery produces high-quality trees, individually built to meet their rigid specifications.

Double J saddles also sport the improved rear-slot Double J 3-way rigging which is stronger than the traditional Double-D rigging, less bulky and makes the saddle easier to fit to a variety of horses.

The items available in the Double J barrel saddle sale are not only designed to make your horse feel good and deliver an outstanding performance, but they’re also created to give the rider more stability and comfort.

The deep pocket lowers the rider’s center of gravity, enabling them to maintain their balance more easily.

For barrel racing, you want a saddle with a deep pocket that will enable you to lower your center of gravity and maintain your balance in tight arcs. The free swing stirrup leathers of Double J barrel saddles also help the rider to keep their legs underneath them, enabling them to sit around the barrel and get up out of the saddle when coming out of the arc.

Double J Saddlery pride themselves on the quality of their materials, with stainless steel rigging that is easy to clean and control, and soft yet durable Herman Oak leather.

All the saddles in the Double J barrel saddle sale show the high-quality craftsmanship associated with Double J. Exquisite tooling makes these saddles as good to look at as they are to ride in. Looking for something unique?

Double J will personalize any saddle to suit your needs and complement your style.

Barrel Saddles vs All-Rounds

Although the highlight of the Double J barrel saddle sale is the lightweight Pozzi Pro Barrel Racer with its high swells and eye-catching design, there are a couple of all-rounders that are well worth a look, especially if barrel racing is only one aspect of your riding.

The Double J All-Round weighs a bit more than the Pozzi Pro but retains the same level of craftsmanship and durability.

Suitable for all types of riding, from barrel racing to ranch work, the All-Round has a strong, stout horn, a sturdy tree, and a nice sized pocket that will keep you secure during speed events.

The increased weight and shallower pocket mean the All-Round is not as suited to barrel racing as the Pozzi Pro or the Elite Pro, but it’s still a good option for those still experimenting with barrel racing and who want to keep their options open.

Like the Pozzi Pro and Elite Pro, the All-Round is easily adjustable and can be fitted to a wide range of horses, making it even more versatile.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Double J Saddlery has put considerable effort into creating saddles that allow the horse to move freely while keeping the rider secure in the saddle.

After all, the only time you’re going to get the best out of your horse is when he’s comfortable. An ill-fitting saddle can destroy your chances of a fast time and potentially cause your horse pain and discomfort.

Many barrel racers observe atrophy behind their horses’ shoulders – a problem that is almost entirely due to an ill-fitting saddle.

A horse that repeatedly experiences pain when reaching out to lengthen their stride will, inevitably, shorten that stride or hollow out their backs, causing the shoulders to either drop or rotate forward.

Double J saddles are designed to alleviate that discomfort with their deep shoulder pockets which ensure that the front of the saddle doesn’t interfere with the backward movement of the horse’s shoulder or scapula.

The cutaway skirts of the barrel saddles also allow for a closer fit, giving your horse more freedom of movement.

Choosing the best discounted tack from the Double J Saddle Sale


13” to 17” Double J Barrel Saddle Sale – Pozzi Pro Barrel Racer SBP440

If you’re a fan of Brittany Pozzi, there’s even more reason to get excited about a Double J Barrel Saddle Sale than if you’re just a barrel racing enthusiast.

The Pozzi Pro Barrel Racer saddle combines top-quality materials with a deep, comfortable seat and well-fitting tree.

It also makes it easier to fit the saddle to different horses. Available in all sizes, from 13” to 17”, the Pozzi Pro comes in standard width with a 6,5” gullet, or a wide fit of 7″.

You can also opt for foam lining instead of fleece which could be worth it if shaving off a couple of pounds of weight means shaving a couple of seconds off your time.

Double J Barrel Saddle Sale – All Around Saddle SEP00-64586

Multi-discipline riders will benefit from the sturdier horn and versatility of the discounted Double J All Round.

Slightly heavier than the Pozzi Pro, the All Round features a nice sized pocket that will improve rider stability in speed competitions and a sturdier horn that makes it suitable for ranch work and roping.

Double J Barrel Saddle Sale 13″ to 17″ Double J Elite Pro Barrel Racer SEP115

Designed to follow the rider’s natural flow of movement, the Elite Pro features a flatter ground seat and forward hung fenders that help to keep the rider balanced and secure throughout the run.

As light as the Pozzi Pro, the Elite Pro features a foam skirt that allows for an even distribution of weight and a more comfortable fit for your horse.

Double J Barrel Saddle Sale Conclusion

The Double J barrel saddle sale is the perfect opportunity to get an eye-catching, durable saddle that will enhance your performance without breaking the bank.

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