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Ariat Women’s Cowboy Boots – Buy Now While Sale Lasts

If you’re looking for style and variety, then the Ariat Women’s Cowboy Boots are the way to go.

But did you know that this wasn’t always the case? Cowboy boots are a relatively newer invention compared to the history of equestrianism. And while style is kind of a big deal when it comes to women’s cowboy boots, functionality and safety are just as important too.

A Little Bit of Cowboy Boot History

First introduced in the Mid-West in the 1800s, the Spanish vaquero-style riding boot inspired the original cowboy boot. Meant to hug the calf and protect the legs from brush and other hazards, the cowboy boot improves the riding experience.

While it’s hard to say when the first female pair came into the market, we know for sure that Tinseltown played a big part in its introduction (we’ll talk more about Hollywood’s role in just a sec).

What’s So Special About the Cowboy Boot Design?

When cowboy boots first entered the scene, there were only one or two styles. The original toe was either rounded or squared for easy insertion. The leather sole and angled heel would snuggly sit at the bottom of the stirrups and prevent the foot from getting stuck.

Can you imagine having to get off a horse, and your foot gets stuck? Scary! Even the stitching served a purpose by helping maintain the boot’s shape, keeping the leather from folding over. But then, things changed.

Enter the Modern Cowboy Boot

In the 1940s, we started seeing a change in the cowboy boot design. Unlike the previous style of cowboy boots, the introduction of the pointed toe did not serve a purpose. It even made the foot insertion a bit more challenging.

But with modern rodeos and calf roping, the roper boot is eventually developed. The lower heels and shorter sides enable the rider to dismount the horse quickly and easily. The latter is critical for the rodeo. Roper boots are also the preferred choice for first-time cowboy boot wearers.  

An All-American Footwear Classic

While Hollywood can take the credit for popularizing women’s cowboy boots with all its 20th century western flicks, female western saddle riders actually benefit from its design. Not only do cowboy boots aid in riding, but they also make for great worker boots.

However, whether for riding, working on the farm, or as a fashion statement, one thing is sure: cowboy boots are as Americana as it gets. Let’s look at some of today’s fan favorites.

Ariat Women’s Cowboy Boots – Pick #1
Ariat Heritage Round Toe Western Boots

Ariat is best known for its use of advanced technologies and high-quality materials. This round toe western boot is coveted for its comfort and classic aesthetic, an homage to the original cowboy boot. The rounded toes and 11.5″ shaft (from the arch) make it easy to put on and are great for extended wear.

These boots even have rubber soles that allow for walking on most surfaces. So, ladies, if you’re looking for both day and nightwear, this women’s cowboy boot is the way to go.

Ariat Women’s Cowboy Boots – Pick #2
Ariat Heritage Roper Western Boots

Another customer favorite by Ariat is the roper western boot. Reviewers describe this style as perfect for barn work and trail walking because of its four-row stitch pattern and high-quality leather lining. This gives the wearer a little extra cushion while keeping the boot in place. 

The Ariat Heritage Roper Western boot is also really well-liked because of its robust quality and durability, making it ideal footwear for the workplace. 

Ariat Women’s Cowboy Boots – Pick #3
Ariat Women’s Quickdraw Work Boot

Wide-square toe is the name of the game with this women’s cowboy boot. Square toes, like rounded toes, are all about space. Your phalanges (toes) can wiggle and have room to breathe, and the square look is all about adding style.

What’s also fun about this boot is that it comes in a wide range of shaft colors. True to quickdraw boots, this design performs in the harshest conditions. The Duratread rubber outsoles make them weather-resistant and long-lasting. 

What Boot Should You Pick?

While there may be several checklist items when choosing the perfect cowboy boot, some good things to consider are comfort, purpose, and price point. Of course, style is important too, but you really want to make sure that you get great use out of your cowboy boot.

Anything uncomfortable will just pick up dust in your closet. Once you determine what you need your boots for, you can narrow down the style. Then try on a pair and walk around the store. Ensure that it fits snuggly, but with enough room in the toes.

And remember, women’s cowboy boots are more than just a style. They are a lifestyle. And Ariat Women’s cowboy boots put you in a league of your own. It’s okay to take your time in picking the right pair.

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  • Ceci says:

    Hi Shalisha,
    I love cowboy boots and I have several of them – mostly black. Red is another of my favorite colors and i don’t currently have a cowboy boot in that color!

    I would definitely select the red Ariat Heritage Round Toe Western Leather Cowgirl boot. I like the round toe, low heel, and the pattern is cute (:-)


    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Ceci. Thanks for commenting. I love, love, love red also. So if I were going to buy a pair of cowboy boots, they’d be these Ariats in, you guessed it, RED. You’ve got great taste. Stop by again.

  • Julius says:

    I like the type 2 mostly. Their design is most appealing to me. I was thinking to surprise one of my long time friend, she is from Australia and loves horse riding. I know she is doing mostly long rides, would you recommend the type 2 for the long rides? Cheers

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Julius. Thanks for your question. I’m not sure what you mean by “type 2”. Do you mean the second boot shown? Well, I really can’t recommend anything to your friend without knowing a little bit more about her. What is her style? What kind of riding does she do? What are her main concerns when riding?

  • Matt says:

    Hi Shalisha,

    When people make purchases, we tend to purchase those items with an interesting background. I think your post has that vibe, and I love the history you brought up in this article, making it more captivating while going through your recommendations. I love Ariat Heritage Roper Western Boots and will introduce my female friends who ride horses to those beautiful boots. It’s simple and classic, so it’s my top pick.


    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Matt. Thanks so much for your comment! Ariat does have an interesting background, doesn’t it? I think your female friends will love these boots. Definitely ask them to stop by.

  • Michael says:

    These are great boots. The prices are pretty good too. Work or play they will do the job.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi Michael. Yes, they’re pretty and sturdy! The prices aren’t bad either. Please stop by again, and be sure to tell your friends. Have a good day.

  • Brianna says:

    What a beautiful collection! I am going to have a hard time choosing! I am partial to your 3rd pick for their design and color.

    • Shalisha Alston says:

      Hi there Brianna. I’m so glad you like my Ariat Woment’s Cowboy Boots post. I’m in love with the red ones! I like that they’re stylish but still get the job done. I hope to see you again. Stop by soon.

    • Milionaria says:

      Nice article! I really love cowboy boots. It is unfortunate that they are not very fashionable in the UK. But even so, I wouldn’t mind having a pair. I love the 3 styles you discussed in this article. So, I will have a hard time picking one.

      Thank you

      • Shalisha Alston says:

        Hi there! Thanks for your feedback on my post. I’m so sorry these cowboy boots are not fashionable in the UK. Well, maybe you can buy a pair for when you come to the U.S. Once again, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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