Gobi Arabian Flex2 Saddle – Comfort for Your Horse and Control For The Rider

Are you thinking about buying a Gobi Arabian Flex2 saddle, but not sure if it's the right saddle for you and your horse?  Not having the right saddle can have disastrous results for both you and your horse.

In this post, I'll show you the features and benefits of owning a Gobi Arabian Flex2 saddle.

Why Are You Buying The Saddle?

Before buying a saddle, you should know in advance what your goals are. Are you interested in competing? Do you want to go on long trail rides? After determining what your goals are, you still need to do more research before plunking down your hard-earned cash.

Read Horse Saddle Reviews

Horse saddles are an expensive investment. After establishing what your goals are and knowing your budget, I highly recommend that you read a few horse saddle reviews for the type of saddle you plan to purchase.

As for the Gobi Arabian Flex2 saddle, here is what you need to know before buying one.

Perfect For Arabian Trail Horses

The Gobi Arabian Flex2 saddle is the perfect choice for any Arabian trail horse. When it comes to saddling an Arabian with a regular saddle, frustration is often the name of the game. A rider's inability to maintain control of his horse is usually the result of the saddle being ill fitted and the horse's discomfort.

Features and Benefits

The Gobi Arabian Flex2 saddle has a shorter skirt that fits the shorter back of an arabian horse, in addition, it is slightly more curved. These features are crucial to being able to properly saddle the arabian horse.

Can Withstand Extreme Weather

The saddle is named after the Gobi region in Asia. It's a region in which the weather can go from one extreme to the next. This lets me know that this particular saddle is able to withstand extreme conditions.

You can count on the Gobi Arabian Flex2 saddle to withstand rough riding conditions. With this saddle brand, you can trust that your saddle will never malfunction.

Comfort For Your Horse

The love of Arabian trail horses has resulted in the manufacturers producing the Gobi Arabian Flex2 saddle. For the avid horse rider, the horse's welfare is always a top priority.  The team that developed these saddles put thousands of hours into making sure that it fits arabian horses like a charm.

Unlike some other saddle designers and manufacturers, there is a true sense of knowledge about the breed, which makes the crafting of the saddle for this horse more in tune with the horse's need.


The perfection of Gobi Arabian Flex2 saddles comes from the intimate working knowledge of the horses that they are made specially for.

Summary and Recommendation

If you ask any of your horse-loving friends who have arabian horses, it's probable that one of them has a Flex2 saddle. Owners of the saddle say that it constantly exceeds their expectations and that they have never had a better saddle.

Many people switch to the Gobi Arabian Flex2 saddle based on recommendations of friends who have loved and ridden them for years. When you buy a great saddle, you are really investing in multiple things.

You're investing in a great ride, comfort for your horse, comfort for you, and maximum control while on the trail.

Perfect for Leisure or Work on the Trail

All of these things are absolutely necessary for having the best ride of your life. Whether you use the saddle for leisure or work on the trail, the Gobi Arabian Flex2 is a sturdy piece of craftsmanship that can last through it all.

No Back Pain

After a long day on the job, or a long day on the trail, you'll be happy that you had this saddle. One of the best things about waking up the day after is that the saddle absorbs a great deal of shock, and many users find that they have much less back pain even after a long day of riding.

Think of this purchase as investments in great rides to come.  You'll be glad you did.  For more western horse riding saddle reviews, read my Circle Y Trail Saddle review.

Billy Cook Saddles

When it comes to Western saddles, Billy Cook Saddles is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.  Though Billy Cook Saddles are well designed for both the rider and horse, not all saddles are alike.

And in this article, I’ll explain the different types of horse saddles so that you can decide which saddle is best for your horse and your riding needs.

Different Types Billy Cook Saddles

Horse saddles are made with specific uses in mind.  You wouldn't buy a show saddle, which is used in competitions, when you really need a horse saddle that will allow you to work on a ranch trying to steer cows, would you?  Of course not.

You need to buy the right saddle for the right purpose.  But what if you don't know the purpose of different saddles?  Below are the different types of Billy Cook Saddles.

Billy Cook has masterfully crafted the following type of saddles:

  • All-Around
  • Barrel
  • Cutting
  • Ranch
  • Reining
  • Roping
  • Show
  • Trail
  • Used

Click here to see the full array of Billy Cook Saddles

Billy Cook All-Around Saddle – An All-Around saddle is ideal for a wide range of work around the ranch.  The seat is flatter to allow movement and easy adjustment for the rider.  The seating is often padded with suede. Often close contact skirting to help in giving leg cues. Reinforced rigging for light roping, made from strong wooden tree.  Strong horn, made high for holding on.

Billy Cook Trail and Pleasure Saddles – If you go for long horse rides in all sorts of conditions, this is the saddle for you.  This saddle is usually built with a lightweight tree, is not designed for heavy ranch work and comes in large varieties.  This saddle is designed  with higher and lower cantle.

A higher cantle gives you more protection, while a lower cantle gives you more comfort.  Because of the stress put on the saddle, rigging is usually in-skirt.  It’s also equipped with lots of leather ties to attach your gear.

Billy Cook Barrel Saddles – If you’re looking to leave your competition in the dust, this saddle is designed for elite speed. Designed with high cantle with deep pocket seat to hold the rider in. High horn, shorter skirts and in-skirt rigging.

Mounted Shooting Barrel Saddles – For quick draw and stability.  This saddle is designed with a high cantle for extra security, a forward tilted swell, suede seats to hold you in place, roughout fenders and jockeys for extra stability.  Best of all, it’s light weight.

Billy Cook Cutting Saddles – Cutting is the art of separating a cow, steer or calf from the larger herd.  If you’re working on a farm or ranch, this saddle is designed to keep you balanced and out of the way of the horse during sharp starts and stops and turns.

This saddle is designed with a low cantle, high pommel and horn.  The seat is flatter with a slight rise at the pommel.  Jockeys and fenders often designed from rough out leather for better grip. Reinforced rigging, back cinch and slim stirrups and has leather wear strap between fenders and bottom skirt.

Endurance Saddle – This type of saddle is designed with a very comfortable seat for long-endurance rides.  It’s small and lightweight with lots of stings for attaching gear.  Most don’t have a horn.  In order to keep the saddle from tipping this saddle is designed with center-fire rigging.

Billy Cook Ranch Saddles – This saddle is for ranch work.  It’s big and heavy, the seat is slick and hard for comfortable day long use.  It’s designed with high cantles and back straps.  And it’s made from sturdy tree for rigorous ranch work.

Billy Cook Reining Saddle ­– This saddle is designed with close contact saddle with skirts to allow the rider to communicate with the horse easily while performing complicated maneuvers during reining pattern.  The horn and pommel are lower for ease of movement of reins without interference.  Flatter seat for hip movement.

Billy Cook Roping Saddle – Best for roping (as opposed to recreational riding).  Made from an extremely sturdy wood tree with bullhide, rawhide, or very strong fiberglass covering.  It’s designed to take the abuse of holding a calf.

To reduce the stress to the horse’s back, this saddle is made with a wide gullet.  The low cantle and shallow seat enables the rider to quickly dismount during ranch work or competition.  Reinforced rigging attached to tree.  Seats are suede and padded.

Billy Cook Show Saddle – Not good for every day riding.  But is very good for competing.  It’s a very detailed saddle.  Detailed tooling.  It comes with silver on the skirts, cantle, pommel, horn and stirrups.

Seat is balanced and has pocket to keep the rider in the proper position. Turned up stirrups, padded sued seats.  Often close contact with lower pommel and horn for better cues to your horse and rein control.

Training Saddle –  This saddle is designed with reining saddle type tree.  It has low pommels and cut out skirts for close contact with your horse.  Designed with lots of dees and rings to attach training devices or aids.  Padded suede seats; fenders and jockeys are roughout leather for better grip.

The Billy Cook Wade Ranch Arbuckle Saddle

I recently had the pleasure to ride with a Billy Cook Wade Ranch Arbuckle western saddle, and after two days of riding I'm quite sure that this was the most comfortable saddle I've ever used.

As with most of Billy Cook saddles, the Wade Ranch was built for those who ride long hours. When you first look at this saddle, the craftsmanship is obvious from the 4-inch horn to the deep seat. The fine leather is decorated with a waffle pattern around the border, and smooth hand-worked leather lines the split ranch seat.

No Dry Spots on Horse’s Withers

The rigging is made up of flat plate brass hardware, and holds a 27-strand mohair cinch. The tree is made up of Wade rawhide covered full quarter horse wide bars. After a full day's ride there were no noticeable dry spots on my horse's withers which only attests to the great fit this saddle has to the horse.

This is especially true on wide backed horses. The fenders are pre-turned, which cuts down on the breaking-in time required with a new saddle. The stirrups are 3 inches wide and covered with rawhide, which protected me from wear and tear on my shins, which usually occurs with a new saddle.

Well Crafted Seat

At 42 pounds, this saddle is heavy, which attests to the craftsmanship put into it. The deep seat kept me well balanced and in position throughout the day. This saddle  also helped my horse from tiring as the day wore on.

In addition, because we were on some very narrow trails, my horse was able to concentrate on the trail ahead. Even on the second day, my horse did not shy away from the saddle when it came time to get back to the trails in the morning.

This only proves to me that the horse liked the saddle as much as I did.

Plenty of Straps

The saddle also contains plenty of straps for tying on bedding or saddlebags. The flank strap was wide and correctly positioned for my quarter horse. I really cannot find anything to complain about in the saddle.

Because of the high quality craftmanship, I believe my Billy Cook Saddle is going to last me a lifetime.  I’m looking forward to buying a Billy Cook Saddle for myself.  My son has become quite the horsemen himself. I know when I am gone, he’ll have fine memories of me when he rides in one of these Billy Cook saddles.

What's your favorite horse saddle brand? Have you bought a Billy Cook saddle?  What's your experience?  Please leave your comments below!



Circle Y Trail Saddle Review – Perfect For Long Trail Rides Over Different Types of Terrain

Do you love exploring the trails, creeks, mountains or fields with your horse? If so, you need a saddle that provides you with both comfort and security so that you can focus on the sights and sounds all around you. The Circle Y Trail Saddle has many features designed to make an exciting trail ride more enjoyable for both you and your horse.

Check out some of what these saddles have to offer people who love to spend time with their horses.

A Look at the Circle Y Company

The Circle Y Company has been in the saddle-making business for 57 years and counting! Their experienced team of employees is dedicated to crafting saddles with special attention to detail making them a fast favorite with both casual riders and regular participants in horse shows.

The Circle Y Company designs saddles that are the perfect mixture of innovation, comfort and appealing style.

A Comfortable Seat

The Circle Y Trail Saddle is comfortable for hours of trail riding. This saddle gives you plenty of space to adjust your weight and position while making you feel secure on your horse. In fact, when you sit in this saddle for the first time, you'll get the impression that it’s already been broken in!

Whether you’re traveling over rocky terrain or over a perfectly flat trail, these saddles provide you with a comfortable seat as you explore the woods or fields on your favorite horse.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Trail saddles made by the Circle Y Company are lightweight – making it a simple task to prepare your horse for a fun trail ride. The saddles are easy to lift and put onto a horse’s back, especially if you’re smaller in stature.

Plus, your horse will appreciate the lightweight feel of the saddle as you navigate the trails around your property. Lowering this saddle into a tack box or putting it onto a rack in the tack room is a breeze.

Allows for Excellent Leg Control

The streamlined design of these trail saddles allows you to easily squeeze your horse’s sides and otherwise adjust your leg position. The fenders of the saddle are not bulky, so your horse is able to feel the slightest direction or cue from you. The lack of bulk beneath your legs gives you more control over the movements of your horse.

A Comfortable Stirrup Design

The leather stirrups on these trail saddles are ergo-balanced. This means the stirrups are made to hang at an angle relieving pressure on your joints and ankles as you move along with your horse. This design detail is particularly valuable if you like to go for long trail rides over different types of terrain.

An Adjustable In-Skirt

The in-skirts on a Circle Y Trail saddle are the pieces of leather that serve as a buffer between your horse’s back and the bars of the saddle tree. The design of this saddle includes adjustable rigging on the in-skirt allowing you to move the saddle forward on your horse’s back if you prefer it to be closer to the withers.

Or, you can move it backward positioning the saddle more toward the center of your horse’s back. The advantage of adjustable rigging is you can change it to suit the size and build of your horse. It makes the saddle even more comfortable on your horse’s back.

Flex2 Technology

This technology allows for a space, or tunnel, that runs down the center, beneath your saddle. This space helps prevent the saddle from rubbing against your horse’s spine leading to sores on its back. The technology gives you the support you need while allowing better air-circulation between your horse’s back and the saddle.

Attractive Style

Circle Y Trail Saddles come in many designs. There are saddles in dark or light leather with detailed, hand-tooled leaf borders and other types of appealing trim. With so many options, you’re sure to find one that goes perfectly with your favorite bridle!

Some examples of colors include:

  • Walnut
  • Regular Oil
  • Black
  • Antique
  • Chocolate

15inch to 18inch Circle Y Topeka Flex2 Trail Saddle 1651

from: HorseSaddleShop.com

A Variety of Seat Sizes

Once you choose the Circle Y Trail saddle with the look you want, you have the option of choosing the seat size. Many of these saddles range from 14 to 18 inches. This makes it easy to find the one you want with the comfort you need while riding trails, taking a lesson or taking on some challenging obstacle training exercises.

Extra Special Details

These saddles have extra special details making them more than just a practical saddle for trail riding. Many of them have stainless steel hardware giving the design a little extra visual interest. Others have leather strings decorating the saddle's skirt. The carefully planned details on Circle Y Trail Saddles make them appealing enough to use for shows and other competitions.

A Sturdy Saddle Horn

While riding the trails, it’s likely you’ll travel over some bumpy ground or slide through patches of mud. The horn on this saddle is sturdy and made to grab onto so you can steady yourself when riding over uncertain terrain. Rely on the strong design of this saddle for those unexpected moments on the trails.


When you purchase a saddle for trail riding, you want one that can withstand the cold weather, rain or even the harsh sunlight. A Circle Y Trail Saddle is made to endure weather changes as well as the bumps and jolts that are part of an exhilarating time on the trails around your property.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable, well-made saddle perfect for riding the trails, checkout an array of Circle Y Trail Saddles here. These saddles are made by people who love horses and know the pleasure of a comfortable ride any day of the year.

Are you an avid horse rider?  What's your favorite saddle brand?  What do you look for most in a horse saddle?  Please leave your comments below.