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Hi. Welcome to Horse Saddle Comparison.

My name is Shalisha Alston. I live in New York City, and I'm an avid horseback rider. I absolutely adore horses.  One thing I'm passionate about is animals – especially horses. I care about the comfort and care of horses.

Why Did I Create Horse Saddle Comparison?

I noticed that during my horseback riding lessons, the horses always seemed to be in distress. They weren't just in distress when I rode them, they were in major distress when other people rode them.

Often times, the horse refuse to obey the command. So the riders would force them to comply.  I knew something strange was happening – but I couldn't put my finger on it.  I knew all the horses couldn't be revolting.

Then it dawned on me…

The Horse's Saddle Didn't Fit 


One day I was watching a horsebuggy (they're attached to the horses in NYC) go by in Central Park.  As I sat watching the horses go by, I noticed some tourists horseback riding  as well.

One horse was limping.  Suddenly, it began kicking it's feet in the air and threw the tourist off its back!  I knew then that it was because the saddle on the horse was a poor fit, and it caused the horse severe pain.

You see, horses want to listen to us when we give them a command, but only if they're comfortable. 

So I decided to make a site about western horse saddles.  The goal of Horse Saddle Comparison is to help horse riding enthusiasts like you pick the right saddle so that you and your horse will enjoy the ride.

I'll also show you how to pick the right seat size, which tree size is best for which horse breed.

I look forward to helping you on your horse riding journey.  Any time you read one of my posts, please be sure to leave your comments and questions in the comments box below!


Shalisha Alston



2 Replies to “About Shalisha”

  1. Hi Shalisha

    I had never thought about the fit of the saddle being right for the horse but it makes perfect sense. I suppose it would be like us trying to wear a too small pair of jeans. My maternal grandfather was a saddle maker and apparently made beautiful saddles. Unfortunately we were estranged from him and I never met him or saw his workmanship. I am very interested to learn more about saddles to try to understand his work.


  2. This is an absolutely FASCINATING subject. My horseback riding experience is relegated to once every few years and its always a walking tour with horses that are used to taking tourists on rides. The last stable I visited I could tell the horses were well taken care of and we got to feed them. What majestic awe inspiring creatures. They seem to be very sensitive and so this website is a great service to them as well as would be riders. Kudos to you!

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